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  • Funkydunky2017-04-11 09:10:59
    The revival of the person that made peace.

    As everyone is celebrating the death of Lelouch vi Britannia his sister cries more than the day their parents died. Suzaku couldn't keep it in anymore...

    Code Geass Wake of Death in Easter

  • SriyaScarlet2017-04-11 11:02:39
    Igneel :-The king of fire dragons !!

    Everyone is trying their best in reviving a person... you know what ...if you do so would also be cursed like zeref. Anyways ...we are just ima...

    Zeref Fairy Tail

  • Ao-chan2017-04-17 03:58:19
    Your Lie in April (Kaori's Revival) 🌸

    Kaori's Background Story Kaori Miyazono is a free-spirited violinist whose playing style reflects on her personality. She is independent, unpredicta...

    Your Lie in April Wake of Death in Easter

  • Tommy ErenParker2017-04-17 22:51:53
    Hideyoshi Nagachika might still be alive(Wake Of Death In Easter)

    TN: MANGA SPOILERS! Hideyoshi Nagachika is the best friend of our dear MC KEN KANEKI. The truth be told... I really loved this fella. He was very ...

    Wake of Death in Easter

  • Dirackel2017-04-12 09:59:56
    ⭐❤The Revival of ISLA❤⭐

    From Plastic memories: Eighteen year old Tsukasa mizugaki has failed his college entrance exams, but after pulling some strings, he manages to Land a...

    Plastic Memories Wake of Death in Easter

  • Hary272017-04-12 07:41:39
    What if Jiraiya was alive? (Jiraiya revival story)@( ̄- ̄)@

    If you had watched Naruto you will never forget Naruto’s Erro-Sennin teacher. I always asked myself "What if Jiraiya was alive? ". His death made ...

    Anime Naruto Shippuden

  • Light...2017-04-12 20:25:11
    Rias Gremory

    Drawing Fan Art

  • TwinkKat2017-04-07 00:10:28
    Badass Characters Coming Your Way!

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure someone has probably made a top 10 list on this topic already, but sometimes you can't always be original and that's exact...

    Manga Anime

  • SriyaScarlet2017-04-07 13:53:11
    What king of god would you wanna be ?

    i was watching romeo x juliet and i came by Aeschylus (the god of tragedy ) so i wanted to ask which god you wanted to be ?so i made this post !! 1) ...

    Anime Noragami

  • Hary272017-04-08 14:20:40
    Top 5 Psychological Thriller Anime 😎

    So today I'm going to list my top 5 best ever psychological thriller anime. Lets start the countdown!! \( ̄<  ̄)> 5)Wolf’s Rain The set...

    Death Note Code Geass

  • [email protected]2017-04-11 03:37:55
    Dragon Ball Tales.

    This journey starts from far far away, Where trees are green and mountains are gray. A boy name GOKU who was living there, He was enjoying life wi...

    Dragon Ball Goku

  • [email protected]2017-03-25 17:40:50
    My top 10 Anime.

    When I'm talking about "my top 10 anime " there are 5 anime that are irreplaceable for me and these are After thinking hours and hours and hours ( ...

    Bungou Stray Dogs Anime Recommendation

  • moemoeels392017-03-28 18:53:18
    Animes: My Top 10

    This is my top 10 animes post for the March event😙 It's based on my opinions so I hope I won't see any comments like "What about (anime name) ?" or "H...

    Your Lie in April Tokyo Ghoul

  • Sempai2017-03-28 14:51:19
    Let's Talk About Otaku

    There are some things that have been disturbing me since I saw something, I would've never want!! What is this??I didn't know what to do when I saw t...

    Anime Otaku

  • an_m_t_clip2017-03-24 23:35:19
    Farewell Naruto

    I'm not sure where to begin. The Naruto manga began back in 1999, it's hard to believe it's been this long but you've with me the entire way whether ...

    Naruto Shippuden Finale

  • SriyaScarlet2017-03-25 16:45:10
    SAO is awesome ? (6 reasons why you should watch SAO )

    Well lets get straight into the point !! I will tell you why SAO is awesome and unique anime !! SAO is about a VRMMORPG Game call SAO and our Main C...

    Asuna Sword Art Online

  • [email protected]2017-03-21 11:48:30
    Which fantasy do you have?

    As an otaku we watch many different kinda Anime and read a lot of manga so it's natural to develop a fantasy or desire. Let's see what kinda fantasy y...

    Anime Goku

  • Sempai2017-03-18 14:57:41
    Noblesse Anime Adaptation

    I haven't read the manga because I thought it was long and I didn't have time at all. But when I saw that this manga got an anime adaptation I hurrie...

    Manga Anime

  • PorigonN2017-03-19 16:09:30
    Top 5 cute couples!

    Yesterday i was watching some anime, then i started thinking about some anime couples, and how cute they are. Then i started to make a top 5 in my min...

    Anime Couples toradora

  • Sempai2017-03-15 19:09:56
    Things you may like #1

    I think we all enjoy doing things we like.Everyone has their own likeness and don't care what the others say,just like me my parent always say me to ...

    Anime Otaku

  • Funkydunky2017-03-07 19:31:13
    Bing bong lets switch sides!

    What if heaven had bad angels and priests? What if hell had good demons and devils? I will tell you a fantasy I made, And dreamed about. I will exp...

  • Lary2017-03-07 18:26:34
    Fairy tail

    Gajeel told Levy that he can't live without her. Why are telling ther love when they are in a war and the scene was with Gajeel died but he didnt


  • Tora_Higa2017-03-06 14:50:48
    Smoking parade

    I started to read new shounen manga (i think of the manga has to be 18+, but In the where I read there is no limit) Manga called 'Smoking parade' an...

    Manga Manga recommendation

  • moemoeels392016-12-19 10:52:58
    You're an Otaku? Prove It!

    Hehehe😏 It's time for another game! You're an otaku? Prove it! The rules: There will be 3 challenges! No opening the internet whatsoever! Put your a...

    Manga Anime

  • an_m_t_clip2017-02-26 04:35:25
    Let's Talk About the Death Note

    Due to Teamfourstar's latest #CellGames (presented by Hetap) video I have seen a lot of comments talking about whether the Death Note could kill Cell ...

    Death Note Dragon Ball

  • SriyaScarlet2017-01-15 04:28:42
    Top 9 heartbreaks every anime fan might have experienced !!

    Well this includes manga fans too ^^ 1) No season 2 !! ( major!! )That moment of disappointment when you realise that there will not be another seaso...

    Anime Fairy Tail

  • moemoeels392017-01-17 13:31:01
    What Kind of Yaoi Do You Like?

    I HAVE A QUESTION FOR EVERY FUJOSHI AND FUDANSHI HERE! There are 3 common types of yaoi🤤 Let me introduce them one by one~ 1. The regular BL The ...

    Manga Anime

  • Natsumeyuu2017-01-31 17:53:45
    Kuroo x Tsukki FANFICTION

    This is my first time writing a fanfic like this and I write the story base on the pictures. lol sorry I'm not that good in English. ^ ^ After practic...

    Yaoi Haikyuu

  • SriyaScarlet2017-01-27 06:31:24
    What if Kaori was alive ?

    THIS IS THE BEST POSSIBLE (WHAT IF) I COULD THINK OF:- What if Kaori from Your lie in april was alive !! All that comes to my mind is ...A happy Arim...

    Your Lie in April What If Event

  • an_m_t_clip2017-02-14 03:07:42
    Shogi Basics

    From some of my earlier posts I have learned that a few people here are interested in learning Shogi, so I thought I'd teach everyone the basics here....

    Shogi Tutorial