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  • [email protected]2017-03-21 11:48:30
    Which fantasy do you have?

    As an otaku we watch many different kinda Anime and read a lot of manga so it's natural to develop a fantasy or desire. Let's see what kinda fantasy y...

    Anime Goku

  • Sempai2017-03-11 17:25:05
    Top 5 Sexiest Female in Anime

    They are a lot,a lot,a lot female anime characters. They are Beautiful and Gorgeous some we know but some still. So here are Top 5 Sexiest Female in A...

    Anime Bleach

  • Sempai2017-03-18 14:57:41
    Noblesse Anime Adaptation

    I haven't read the manga because I thought it was long and I didn't have time at all. But when I saw that this manga got an anime adaptation I hurrie...

    Manga Anime

  • moemoeels392017-03-19 14:47:10
    How To Worship Your Waifu/Husbando

    Hi guys, it's been a while since I last posted😅 School's really giving me stress with mid term tests and projects so I'll probably be here less freque...

    Manga Anime

  • PorigonN2017-03-19 16:09:30
    Top 5 cute couples!

    Yesterday i was watching some anime, then i started thinking about some anime couples, and how cute they are. Then i started to make a top 5 in my min...

    Anime Couples toradora

  • Sempai2017-03-15 19:09:56
    Things you may like #1

    I think we all enjoy doing things we like.Everyone has their own likeness and don't care what the others say,just like me my parent always say me to ...

    Anime Otaku

  • PhantomZero_02017-03-11 12:47:02
    [Anime Recommendation] The Top 10 Anime To Watch (Part 3)

    Another Freshly Picked Batch Of Anime For Those Who Are Craving For More!! Hi peeps, it's been awhile since I recommended anime, and a lot of thing...

    Anime Akame ga Kiru

  • Funkydunky2017-03-07 19:31:13
    Bing bong lets switch sides!

    What if heaven had bad angels and priests? What if hell had good demons and devils? I will tell you a fantasy I made, And dreamed about. I will exp...

  • Lary2017-03-07 18:26:34
    Fairy tail

    Gajeel told Levy that he can't live without her. Why are telling ther love when they are in a war and the scene was with Gajeel died but he didnt


  • Tora_Higa2017-03-06 14:50:48
    Smoking parade

    I started to read new shounen manga (i think of the manga has to be 18+, but In the where I read there is no limit) Manga called 'Smoking parade' an...

    Manga Manga recommendation

  • SriyaScarlet2017-02-28 15:14:06
    Who is the best swords person ??

    #####Choose the person who you think is the best !!##### 1) Erza Scarlet 🔪Erza the Titania.She has the power to Requip, it allows her to swap weapon...

    One Piece Fairy Tail

  • moemoeels392016-12-19 10:52:58
    You're an Otaku? Prove It!

    Hehehe😏 It's time for another game! You're an otaku? Prove it! The rules: There will be 3 challenges! No opening the internet whatsoever! Put your a...

    Manga Anime

  • an_m_t_clip2017-02-26 04:35:25
    Let's Talk About the Death Note

    Due to Teamfourstar's latest #CellGames (presented by Hetap) video I have seen a lot of comments talking about whether the Death Note could kill Cell ...

    Death Note Dragon Ball

  • SriyaScarlet2017-02-26 12:40:05
    Situation!! How will you react?

    YOU finally meet you anime crush in real life (imagine) !!!! Your dream finally comes true !! and she/he comes near you ...So what will you do? YOUR C...

    Anime Fan Art

  • moemoeels392017-01-10 15:23:05
    How Do You Decorate Your Room?

    1. Tidy but there are some otaku stuffs that you display~ 2. There's a certain theme, like bears or animes! 3. It's a sea of gayness🤤 4. The catastrop...

    Manga Anime

  • SriyaScarlet2017-01-11 12:22:37
    ANiMe iS cOlOuRfULL!! Which hair colour would you want ?

    So here's this post telling us about one of the main features of anime !! Guess it!! The DIFFERENT HAIR COLORS which anime characters have !!Wish my h...

    Fairy Tail Akatsuki no Yona

  • SriyaScarlet2017-01-15 04:28:42
    Top 9 heartbreaks every anime fan might have experienced !!

    Well this includes manga fans too ^^ 1) No season 2 !! ( major!! )That moment of disappointment when you realise that there will not be another seaso...

    Anime Fairy Tail

  • moemoeels392017-01-17 13:31:01
    What Kind of Yaoi Do You Like?

    I HAVE A QUESTION FOR EVERY FUJOSHI AND FUDANSHI HERE! There are 3 common types of yaoi🤤 Let me introduce them one by one~ 1. The regular BL The ...

    Manga Anime

  • SriyaScarlet2017-01-20 07:37:38
    Which Virtual Reality Gaming World would you enter ??

    °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°¥¥Virtual reality world¥¥°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° A dream place for gamers and fans of virtual reality anime like SAO,NO GAME NO...

    Sword Art Online No Game No Life

  • moemoeels392017-01-18 15:21:40
    Which Category of Otaku are You In?

    • Beginner You have just started to read mangas/watch animes recently. Some friends brought you to this world, or maybe you jumped in here by yourselv...

    Manga Anime

  • SriyaScarlet2017-01-23 01:36:30
    10 Anime which were misunderstood as cartoons !!

    When you start a conversation with your anime friends often a question arises asking whats your first anime ? And You dont know what to say cause you ...

    Pokemon Doraemon

  • PhantomZero_02017-01-23 09:53:29
    Common And Miserable Misunderstandings Of "Otakus" These Days...

    These Misunderstandings Are Like You... Common And Miserable, Plus A Mistake. I Could Only Face Palm And Smash My Head To The Keyboard Every Time I ...

    Manga Anime

  • Luca~2017-01-27 19:44:39
    If you were from Naruto Shippuden then which clan are you from? 😳😳🤤🤤

    Senju Clan People from Senju Clan The Senju Clan was a group of shinobi that were the strongest, feared and most respected clan above all other clans...

    Naruto Shippuden

  • Natsumeyuu2017-01-31 17:53:45
    Kuroo x Tsukki FANFICTION

    This is my first time writing a fanfic like this and I write the story base on the pictures. lol sorry I'm not that good in English. ^ ^ After practic...

    Yaoi Haikyuu

  • PhantomZero_02017-01-30 20:15:32
    What If The One In A Billion Chance To Meet You Happened?

    [Angel Beats!]'s Yui And Hinata's Encounter In A World Where There Are 6 Billion People And The Chances Are Very Very Very Slim... Hi peeps, today I...

    Anime Waifu

  • SriyaScarlet2017-01-27 06:31:24
    What if Kaori was alive ?

    THIS IS THE BEST POSSIBLE (WHAT IF) I COULD THINK OF:- What if Kaori from Your lie in april was alive !! All that comes to my mind is ...A happy Arim...

    Your Lie in April What If Event

  • SriyaScarlet2017-02-08 09:52:12
    Game recommendation :- for SAO fans !!

    Game name :- SWORD ART ONLINE -MEMORY DEFRAG !!! Rating i would give is-- 4 stars!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (all the pics have words written Japanese cause i dont have...

    Sword Art Online Game

  • moemoeels392017-01-28 12:36:37
    The Story Behind The Wallpaper

    • Lock Screen Wallpaper Kuroo! Everyone who had watched Haikyuu!! must have already known this captain of Nekoma~ My bae~ But that's not the whole re...

    Manga Anime

  • an_m_t_clip2017-02-14 03:07:42
    Shogi Basics

    From some of my earlier posts I have learned that a few people here are interested in learning Shogi, so I thought I'd teach everyone the basics here....

    Shogi Tutorial

  • PhantomZero_02017-02-21 12:38:54
    [Anime Song Recommendations] Kagamine Rin • Len!!!!

    Vocaloid songs only for you~ Do you know who Kagamine Rin and Len are? As I said, they are vocaloids, things that have more fans than Justin Bieber...

    Anime Moe