Who's Your Waifu and Husbando?

By PhantomZero_02016-12-12 21:17

No Waifu, No Laifu

Hi peeps, I'll be posting again. Lol. I have no life. Okay, going back on topic, Who's your---------- you know that already.

First question would be... Who's your waifu. If you have a lot, the maximum is 5. I don't care who it is, just say what you like about them and don't come crying back at me, if you go back to reality... seriously, don't. If you're a girl, then answer it still. It won't make you a lesbian.

My Waifu is [Yui Hirasawa].

What I like about her is that she's a klutzy moe high school girl. At first, I didn't have interest on her. But as the time goes by, she became my waifu.

Yui is one of the main characters of K-On. You guessed it right, an anime about moe girls forming a band and drinking teas and eating cakes. Yui is a klutz, an airhead, and a person with a talent to memorize one thing, but fogets the other. She has brown hair and eyes. She plays the guitar and loves to interact with her friends.

The Moe!!!!

Now for the second one, the underrated topic... who's your husbasndo? A husbando is like a waifu, but a boy. If you have a lot of them, just 3 would be enough. You're not gay if you pick a husbando, which you should. Tell me what you like about them too.

My Husbando is [Eishi Tsukasa]

What made him my husbando, is that he's a fucking handsome and a badass (not gay). Look at him, he totally looks hot (not gay). He has white hair and eyes... and yeah.

There we go, his hot pic (not gay). Eishi is the *spoiler* No.1 seat of the Elite 10 in Shokugeki no Soma in the manga. Despite him being a great chef, his personality is actually being a pessimist. He is always down the drain and blah, blah, blah. He's also cool like snow, which he was based on. *end of spoiler*

Kyahhh!! (not gay)

There you have my waifu and husbando. I would prefer if you answer both, since it won't hurt to share, unless it will. Anyways, I'll be posting more!!

Disclaimer: Pictures are not mine, Internet owns them. If there are any wrong grammars and/or broken images, I am truly sorry. I am also not gay. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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