ANiMe iS cOlOuRfULL!! Which hair colour would you want ?

By SriyaScarlet2017-01-11 12:22

So here's this post telling us about one of the main features of anime !! Guess it!!
The DIFFERENT HAIR COLORS which anime characters have !!Wish my hair was that colourful too ^^

Hair colours are the most dominating feature in anime which is not really found in real life!
°°°° So if you were to get a hair colour which would be ?°°°°°
Hair colour of a character actually ..somehow depends on their character so...i list out some .....

1] Black hair
Well this surely can be found in real life !!
Characters with this colour are usually the handsome/beautiful ones..They are usually dangerous but nice ^^..They are mostly evil too..(mystery,strength etc.)

2] Blue hair
How i wish i had that colour !! <3
They are calm and trustworthy....We can trust them and have faith in them !!They are smarty-pants

3] Red hair
The rare ones... The really rare and special characters!!
Red is the colour of strength ,will power !They are passionate,energetic and lovely !!<3

4]Pink hair
The caring type...
They are emotional,playful ,sweet and adorable ^^

5] Blonde hair
well one of the main characters always have blonde hair !!
Cheerful, childish warm and elegant !!

6] Orange hair
They are courageous!!Attractive and they spread happiness!
They are very friendly and helping $-$

7]white hair
They are 90% good in nature
They are pure , good , innocent !!Always fresh and try to understand each other

8] green hair
Healing type .... they make others feel fresh !!
They also are the jealousy type ...envious but are good *_*


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