Top 9 heartbreaks every anime fan might have experienced !!

By SriyaScarlet2017-01-15 04:28

Well this includes manga fans too ^^

1) No season 2 !!
( major!! )That moment of disappointment when you realise that there will not be another season of your favorite anime !! You don't want it to end but it ends !! * tears

2) When an extremely good manga suddenly stops!!!
I hate that!!Many of the mangas i like abruptly stopped and im like "ooh god !! now what to do!!!" it just kills me when i see its last update and its like 2 years ago !! the curiosity feels kill me !!

3)When your best anime friend doesn't like your favourite anime !!
If you don't like this anime whom will i share my feels !!

4)When your favourite ship doesn't go canon!!
($¢@πy)feels-..why!!!! why must it happen that way !! they were perfect together !! i loved their pairing !!

5)The wait for next episode to release is unbearable...too hurting !!
When you think a week is long enough to wait ....but then it extends a day or two more!! and there are mangas which release every month !!!

6)To realise you dont have much money to buy anime merchandise or to go to Japan !!
Well there are soo many things you want to buy but then you see their cost and realise they are out of your range !!

7)Unable to watch the anime movie on release date !!
Movies like koe no katachi and gonna release movie like SAO'$ ordinal scale ......i really wish to watch them first dayfirst show but.......i cant even watch them online !! its soo sad

8)Death of your favourite character !!

9)When you realise that anime characters won't come out to real life !!


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