What Kind of Yaoi Do You Like?

By moemoeels392017-01-17 13:31

There are 3 common types of yaoi🤤

Let me introduce them one by one~

1. The regular BL
The regular boys love manga/anime
Usually the relationship in this type of BL is between 2 young boys. Sometimes it's only filled with fluff and kisses but there are other times when it goes wild and I mean wild like "making the bed go shaky" kind of wild😏

2. Bara/Men's Love
This one is quite different since it is "Men's Love" not "Boy's Love"
Usually the guys in this one is packed with more muscle, body hair, or other things that makes them look more masculine~

3. Shota
Umm well most of you might have already known this one if you've made the mistake of watching Boku no Pico
This main chara of this yaoi is usually kids around 12 years old, basically it's animes/mangas that shows an elementary schooler (or younger?) being banged by someone his age or perhaps older than him.
I rarely meet people who likes shota, idk maybe because many people doesn't like seeing little kids being.. yeah you know.
Buuutt let me tell you that not all of them are as scary as Boku no Pico, although they do seem like sexual abuse to children. I can say that because I've read some of them and it's all because of my friend who loves shota (I don't really know why she loves it though😅)

Now for the question..
Which kind of yaoi do you like?

I personally like the regular ones~
I would reeaaally enjoy it if the guys are cute and if the plot is good I'd love it😆
Tbh I'm not really into guys with big muscles and I don't really enjoy reading about some elementary school trying masturbating for the first time😅

What about you?

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