The Fujoshi-Fudanshi Survival Manual

By moemoeels392017-01-24 17:33

1. Give your phone and laptop/computer passwords
You'll need to protect your yaois from your parents/friends, wouldn't want them to open your phone behind your back and find your secret stash of sins right?

2. Stay close when lending your phone/laptop to a friend
If someone said they need to borrow your phone or laptop to do a group project or whatever there are some times when we can't say no (well this happens to me a lot). When that happens, don't let them out of your sight, they might click on something interesting and then your secret is revealed.

3. Never tell your Instagram, Twitter, We Heart It and other social media apps unless it's your personal account and you never do any fujoshi-fudanshi related things there
Friend: hey what's your we heart it username?
Me: umm..
Me: Umm.. What's we heart it?

4. Control your BL radar
You can't turn into fujoshi mode every time and place. It's hard, I know, it's friggin hard to ignore two boys who are holding hands and/or if their faces are only a few centimeters apart asdfghjkl but it's better to hold it than getting stared at by people (well unless if you're fine with showing the whole world that you're a fujoshi)

5. Get yourself a fujoshi/fudanshi friend
You'll need them if you have the urge to rant about a manga/anime you just read/watched. Usually they'll listen to you and sometimes feel sad or happy with you. Isn't it better if you have a friend who can understand you and help you with your fujoshi needs?

6. When chatting never make the mistake of sending it to the wrong person
"Dude, this doujin is killing me. The seme is so hot I'm melting rn!!"
*a few minutes later*
Father: "What's a seme? And why did you just send me a picture of two boys touching each other?"

7. Never leave your sea of rot lying in someplace where it can be found by your parents and/or friends
Imagine, leaving a BL manga on your bed while you're studying, then your parents just barged in and saw the manga before you could even realise that you left it there. I've done that and I'm so not going to do that mistake again😓

8. Check your surrounding when you're reading/watching a BL manga/anime
I read a manga once in Mc Donalds and the guy who sat behind me secretly peeked in (not really, I knew that he was peeking), and then came the BL part and he choked on his cola. I felt bad for him but it was his fault for peeking lol😂
My friend once watched a BL anime using her laptop during her free time in school, luckily she wasn't found out.

9. Keep it low
Don't broadcast the fact that you're a fujoshi/fudanshi unless you're really fine with everybody knowing about it. When in public try not to speak about yaoi, except if you are with your fujoshi-fudanshi friends and the place and timing is right.

10. Hold your emotions when facing a homophobe
Sometimes someone will say something like gays are gross, abnormal and all that sht. Some fujoshi and fudanshi could be very offended if they hear that especially if they have a friend who is one. The problem is if you get angry and let it out to the person you won't know what will happen, what if you do it and it turns out that the people that happens to be near you doesn't agree with you?
*this one is a very sensitive part, I'm really sorry if I hit a nerve*

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