What if Kaori was alive ?

By SriyaScarlet2017-01-27 06:31

What if Kaori from Your lie in april was alive !!

All that comes to my mind is ...A happy Arima kun's face !! What if she comes to the final competition. Their duo !! It would have brought tears like.......
I am sure it would be a super cool performance !!

And what if they confess and date !!!! that would be soo awesome !!!
®®®So my fanfic will be based on this !!!®®®

The Day of finals !!
Kosei kun eagerly waits for Kaori san to come for the performance ....
Time passes but she doesn't come !! Worried he gets all tensed up and nervous and impatient( all the feelings of negativity which shouldn't come on the grand day of finals,
come into his mind !!!)
HIS performance is coming near but no signs of kaori !!
Emi and Takeshi's superb performance makes Arima even more nervous but then a hand from behind is placed on him and thats when all his anxiety vanishes !!
IT WAS KAORI !! she made it out alive !! Arima was soo happy that he hugged her !!!She was happy too !! she said - I want you to be more than friend A to me, Arima kun i love you !! 😍😍😍 and Arima's reply was - My performance will be my answer !!

Then they both enter the stage and Arima gives a splendid performance !! Conveying a message of i love you to kaori and every one loves it too !!! applause every where and Arima comes first !!! Then they give a performance together and in the end Arima asks Kaori on a date 😻😻😻😻😻
Kaori takes time to decide her dress

A classic date on bicycle !!

HOLDING hands ,fun,chitchat and hugs !!

Some shopping and playing music

sweet confessions and warm hugs !!

Under the starry sky a back home ride on cycle

That would be the best date !!!!! with cuteness overloaded !!!
Ok now i will end the story but its last element is left ...Guess

Marriage !!!
Thanks for reading my what if story !!!

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