What's Your Biggest Regret?

By moemoeels392017-01-27 13:08

Regret is a part of life and it's definitely inevitable. Everybody has something that they regret doing or not doing, something that had happened before and you wish to fix it.

My biggest regret was not being confident enough to do what I love sooner. I love playing my violin and piano, I love to act, I love to sing, I love to write fanfics and stories but I just started doing those things when I was in my first year of senior high school. I already had interest on those since elementary school but I've never been brave enough to say that I wanted to do them, I had zero confidence and thought that I won't be able to do it. If I had been brave and confident maybe I'd already be writting books or be a better violinist right now.

What about you? What's your biggest regret?
Feel free to rant and pour your heart out here~

Don't let your regret haunt you forever though, you might not be the person you are right now if you hadn't gone through the event that you regret.
Live your life with no regrets~
I'm rooting for you!

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