The Story Behind The Wallpaper

By moemoeels392017-01-28 12:36

• Lock Screen Wallpaper
Kuroo! Everyone who had watched Haikyuu!! must have already known this captain of Nekoma~
My bae~
But that's not the whole reason why I'm using his picture as my lockscreen. It's actually because my friend and I happen to ship Kurotsuki (Kuroo x Tsukishima).
I was the first one to ship them, and at first Kurotsuki had never crossed her mind.

She was asking for some anime recommendations so I told her to watch the second season of Haikyuu!! since she hasn't watched it yet. She watched it, a few hours later she opened her phone and flooded my chats with her new obsession of Kurotsuki lol.
2 people who ships the same ship, you guys can figure out what happened next😂

A few days later we decided to match our phone lockscreens~
I used Kuroo because he's my bae while my friend used Tsuki because she's head over heels for him.

• Home Screen Wallpaper
*I have 2 phones with the same home wallpapers
Yuri!!! on Ice - Yuri Eros mode~
I love Yuri especially when he's in this mode. I picked this picture because Yuri was the one who got me back into ice skating again hehe~
I used to ice skate when I was younger but I stopped because I got bored of it, but after watching Yuri!!! on Ice especially Yuri's free skate I got the motivation back.

• LINE Chat Wallpaper
* a little bonus lol
We were born to ship vikturi XD
Ever since the kiss happened I couldn't stop shipping them. I wrote some fanfics, I searched the doujins, I bought the posters, I even made a Yuri costume for an event this May~
I've used this wallpaper since last month after a few days of googling the suitable Victuri picture for the chat wallpaper😅

Well that's the story behind my wallpapers~
I'm sorry if it wasn't that interesting😶

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