What If The One In A Billion Chance To Meet You Happened?

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[Angel Beats!]'s Yui And Hinata's Encounter In A World Where There Are 6 Billion People And The Chances Are Very Very Very Slim...

Hi peeps, today I'll be story-telling you the story between this couple which made are heart break and eyes run dry with their touching confessions and farewells. It's not entierly "What if", but it's more of "How it would go". Just so you know, I would most likely cry, while writing this, so good luck me! And good day to ya'll!!! By the way, this is just what happens if they really met in the living world (in my perspective) ~ Written before writing the fan-fic

Author's note: Sorry if there are grammatical errors, and I'm an amateur writer.

Fan Fiction By PhantomZero_0//Zero: Home Run!!

Three friends were playing baseball. One with spiky red hair, the other is semi-bald, and the third has a smooth blue hair.

They were playing at the park, with limited space, but good enough to throw and hit the ball.

The red hair guy, Ichiro, is now the pitcher, while Hinata, the cool-looking blue hair guy, is the batter. Watching from the side is Shigeo who was impatient and envious from watching them play.

"Hinata! I'm going to throw the ball now! One, two, three!"

Hinata felt a bit nervous, because of the possibility of hitting something when he hits the ball. His palms were sweating a lot, that it causes the bat to slide down a little.

"Maybe we shouldn't play here--------- Wow!"

Ichiro threw the ball with a straight throw, but Hinata failed to hit it, because he was surprised and unprepared that time.

"Hehe. To think you'd get a strike from me."

"Ichiro, that was dangerous! You should let him know that you're going to throw."

Shigeo scolded Ichiro, after seeing the dangerous moment there.

"I did... Ah. Thank you."

Hinata gave back the ball to the eager Ichiro, and went back on playing baseball. He now wore a serious face, thinking that the ball is someone that needs to be hit on the face.

'Just think that's Ichiro's face, Hinata. You could do it. Hit that as hard as you can, and let him feel the pain.'

Suddenly, Ichiro felt a chill in his spine. He felt uncomfortable.

"Are you ready now?"

Hinata lowered his cap in agreement with Ichiro's question.

"Then here. I. come!!"

Ichiro threw the ball as hard as he could that was as fast as a blink of an eye. But that wasn't the case for Hinata.

'I could see it. The ball, it's going to go at my upper left.'

Finally, Hinata hit the ball, but unfortunately broke a window at one of the houses near the park. And then...

"The window!!!"

Shocked from breaking a near house's window, Hinata didn't know what to do. To add insult to injury..

"I guess I'll go."

"Me too."

"Wha--- Huuuh? Wait, where are you going? Let's apologize to the owner and request for the ball to be given back. I'm sure he'll forgive us."

"You should do it. Bye-bye.

"Yeah. I mean, practice is already finished. I'll take my bat now. If you successfully get it back, it's yours. Good luck."

Just like that, Hinata's two friends left him with the responsibility to take the ball back and apologizing to the house owner.

After Hinata lost sight of the two, he immediately went at the house with the broken window.

Hinata knocked the door of the house, upon arriving at the doorway. He didn't feel nervous nor scared, but rather guilty and responsible.

Right before he could knock a second time, Hinata heard the sound of rushing footsteps... going down the stairs. Then a mature-looking lady opened the door for him.

She looked at him and saw that he looked like a baseball player. Then she noticed.

"By any chance, are you the one who owns the ball?"

She asked Hinata with a soft voice, no signs of anger or hatred. Upon hearing the lady's question, Hinata immediately bowed down and started apologizing.

"Yes. My friends and I were playing baseball, but I miscalculated with the power of my swing, thus, hitting your house's window. I am truly sorry, in behalf of my friends too. I hope no one got hurt with the incident. Please allow me to help you and pay for the window..."

"Now, now. It's fine, as long as you came and apologized. Luckily, no one was hit by the ball. The ball is upstairs, you could take it now if you want."

"P-Please do. And I'm sorry again for our behaviors."

Once again, Hinata bowed down humbly. The lady felt uneasy, so he asked him to remove the formalities.

"Allow me to escort you..."

"Hinata. Hideki Hinata. Nice to meet you, ma'am."

"Likewise, Hinata-kun."

The two of them talked, while going to the room with the broken window. After some short talks about what happened, they were unaware that they arrived to their destination.

"... and my friends just left me. That's why I'm all by myself."

"Is that so? Oh my, we're already here."

The room's door was slightly opened with light emitting from the inside. When the lady slowly opened the door, Hinata was surprised with what he saw, a lone girl with pink hair lying on a bed, while looking at the shattered window.

Her hair blowing alongside with the wind's current, made it look very beautiful, as if seeing a breath-taking scene. She noticed that someone entered the room and looked at the doorway. When she saw the two people there, she gave them a bright, warm smile.

"Sorry for the intrusion. I'm Hideki Hinata, nice to meet you. I am very sorry for breaking your room's window. I am glad you aren't hurt."

Hinata removed his hat when he introduced himself to the young girl in his front. The girl looked at Hideki and was shocked, as if she saw anew face other than her mother's.

"It's fine. I'm Yui, nice to meet you too... Mother. My back is aching a little bit, could you please adjust the bed for me?"

The lady, which is the girl's mother, sat down beside the window and did her daughter's request. The mother gestured to the boy to sit beside them. Hinata gladly accepted the offer.

He sat down at the chair near the girl's bed. Yui didn't mind Hinata being near him. He looked at the room and found it very cute and peaceful. Then a question came in mind out of curiosity.

"Umm. May I ask you a question, Yui-san?"

"Hmm? Sure."

"Are you bedsick? or is it something else?"


"Ah. I'm sorry for asking something out of the blue. If you don't want to answer, it's fine."

"No, it's not like that. You're a very funny guy, Hinata-kun. *chuckle*"

Hinata saw the girl smile again, but with a brighter one and not a forced one. He felt glad that someone like her could be nice to him, despite meeting them for the first time and breaking their house's window.

"Yui's situation right now... She's paralyzed from her neck down ever since she was four, after getting hit by a car."

Yui's mother explained what really happened. Hinata understood the situation, and changed his impression towards her, after hearing what happened. He honestly felt bad about her unfortunate past.

Hinata looked at the room to see what entertained her during her times she's in this room. A window to look at, a t.v. to watch shows, and a mother who cares about her. He felt guilty for being selfish. For him, being able to roam around the streets and go to places like school or parks, even in his own house, made it look like he's lucky.

'She's been here for a long time, lying only on the bed, while I enjoy my life with friends and classmates. She studies here, eats here, clean here, basically she does everything here. She probably doesn't have friends too.'

"It must be hard for you, Yui-san. Making this room your own world, with limited things to know and stuff to learn... Okay! From now on, I'll be your friend!"

Hinata stood up from his chair, with a pumped up spirit and a strong aura. His face looked serious. Then he sat down, and apologized for startling the two girls.

"Haha, I'm sorry. It's just that I feel bad, if I just leave Yui-san alone----------- Eh! W-Why are you crying? Did I say something weird?"

Tears flowed down Yui's cute face non-stop. Deep inside, after hearing Hinata's words, she felt very happy that even words nor actions couldn't describe it. She wiped her tears, when Hinata pointed that she was crying.

"No. It's just that... I'm really happy that one of my wishes were fulfilled... To have a friend. I'm glad to be your friend, Hinata-kun!"

"... Likewise."

The beginning of new friendship with a single ball, who knew that it would turn out like this?

The two of them gladly talked to one another to get to know each other. Hinata talked what it feels like playing baseball, while Yui told him what her dreams are. Laughter, surprises, disbelief, joy, sadness, hardships, blessings. These were all the things they discussed the most.

Watching from the sides, the mother felt happy that her daughter could have a friend, despite having paralysis. Isolated from the outside world and locked in a small room, like a flower hidden from sunlight, but a single butterfly found it.

She left the room with the two of them still talking to each other. Dusk approached already and darkness was spreading, but Hinata and Yui were still enthusiastic with their own stories. Slowly closing the door, she took a peek at the two of them, and then closed the door that made a *clack* sound.

After meeting and befriending her, Hinata spent a shorter time with his friends. He leaves school early, or sometimes absent in baseball club activities, he's also occupied during weekends. That's because she goes to Yui's house.

"Hinata. We're going to do some pitching practice today, you should go. Last time, coach got angry and broke a bat into two."

Ichiro was concerned with what's currently happening to Hinata, especially that he started changing after they ditched him.

"Wow... I have something to do, so I can't go to club again. Just tell them I'm very busy."

"Don't tell me.. You're busy with paying back the window you broke last month?"


"Then.. Is it because you want to buy a ball, instead of getting it back?"

"I'm not like you guys."

"How about.. You have to be a worker there, until your contract is finished."

"That's illegal... Wait. Why are you suggesting?!"

Shigeo continued asking Hinata about what's really been happening. Hinata just ignored him and left them, after packing up his bag.

Hinata ran down the hallways. He looked back and waved at the two.

"See you tomorrow."

Shigeo and Ichiro looked at Hinata, his figure slowly fading from their sight. They just let out a sigh and talked to each other.

"So.. What reason should we tell coach? He'll kill us, if we don't take him back, right?"

"Let's just say that this is our punishment for ditching him and bear the responsibility alone. I bet he's suffering more than us. Overworking himself to pay the debts alone."

"You're right. Then you say that to coach."



"Here are the things we discussed in our History class.. In Math.. In Japanese class.. And this one is English class..."

"Is it really alright to give it to me? You worked hard in writing this."

Hinata couldn't believe that she was still concerned about him, despite having very little knowledge.

"It's okay, you need these more than me. And besides, I have my own notes."

"You take down in two separate copies?! That's so cool, Hinata... By the way, how fast do you change clothes? Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you have club activities------"

"I don't go anymore."


"Don't think about it too much. By the way, I didn't know that you transfer bed to bed."

"Ah. That's because I get struck by sunlight upstairs. Down here, it's very shady, that's why I get transferred here in the morning, and upstairs in the afternoon."

"Then why are you still here? Wait... Does your mom carry you?"

"Mother went to buy supplies in the supermarket. She usually takes time buying things. And yes, my mother carries me up and down on her back everyday."

Yui was a bit down from that sad fact. Letting her mother work hard, just because of her useless self. Just by thinking about it, she wishes that she shouldn't have existed in the first place.

"Maybe it's because your mom loves you very much that she tries her best to do whatever she can to help you, to support you, and to love you. Just don't think of suicidal things, okay? I'll be sad if you died, just like your mom. Assuming that you can."

Hearing Hinata's words, Yui gained more confidence and a reason to live. Words that shattered her despair and revived hope. Yui looked at Hinata, but this time, it made her heart skip a bit.

"Is there something wrong with my face?"

"Not really. There's just something I want to tell you."

"What is it? You love me?"

"H-How did you know?!"

"I knew it all along. Well, I've also wanted to ask you out today too. I love you, Yui."

This time, no tears flowed on her face. She just smiled as bright as she could from the happiness she's feeling right now.

"I decline."


"I'm just joking. I only wanted to see that face of yours."

"Wha-----Wha---------- That scared me to death... Hahahaha."

"Hmm. Hahahahahaa"

The two of them laughed from each other's laugh. Hearing their laughters, Yui's mother stood outside the room who looked happy from their conversation.

"Good for you, Yui. I won't worry about you anymore, if something happens to me," she whispered to herself.

She entered the room prepared with a smile. And saw the two having fun. For her to see her own daughter be like this, she couldn't ask for more.

When Yui saw her mother enter the room, she smiled at her, a smile that wasn't forced unlike before.

Hinata stood up and greeted the young mother, who is holding an apple, a plate, and a knife. He offered a chair for her to sit down and prepare Yui's snack.

After meeting Hinata, Yui had more hope and gave her a reason to live, even if she is paralyzed. Likewise, encountering Yui made Hinata's life brighter, and also made him cherish his life.

Day after day, Hinata visited Yui. Rain or shine, weekday or weekend, even if he's busy, he still goes to Yui's house, because he promised to her that she'll be by her side, whenever he could. Although his grades went a bit lower than usual, those things were meaningless if he couldn't see Yui's smile.

Hinata is a top student in their school, he is also the star player of their baseball match. Girls admire him, boys respect him, and teachers trust him. But now that he's rarely seen in school after the last period, everyone thinks that something has happened to him.

Inside Yui's room, during a bright and sunny Sunday, the lovey-dovey couple were planning on what to do in that wonderful moment. Birds chirping, leaves rustling, winds blowing, and the sound of the switched on t.v.

Yui was watching a show in t.v., while Hinata was sleeping soundly on her bed. He was sitting down on a chair and his head facing at the white, comfy futon.

The t.v. was at a wrestling channel with two men fighting one another. Yui watched the fight and saw a cool-looking move that amazed her, German-Suplex. She thought to herself that if she could only move, she'll be able to do that too.

She looked at Hinata and caressed his head, waking up the drooling boy. Yui laughed from the face her boyfriend showed, but Hinata was clueless. He wiped the drool off his face and asked Yui's reason for laughing.

"*Yawn* Is there something the matter?"

"Nothing much *smiles*"

"Hmm? Did something happen?... Oh. Let me change the channel."


Hinata took the room and changed the channels upward. Every channel he switches to were some sort of drama or love-related, which made the two uncomfortable. After seeing a single good show, Hinata turned it off.

"By the way, do you want to stroll around town? Isn't it boring just lying around here? But then problem is..."

"I would love to. It's true that it gets boring every single day being in this room. Ah. As for how I could go, we have a wheel chair. Just ask mother where it is."

"Ah, is that so. Thank God you have one. I'll go and get it now, so wait for me..."

Right before Hinata could leave the room to go downstairs, Yui stopped him by asking a question.

"But is it okay for me... to look like this? What if your friends find out that your girlfriend is me? Won't they say something rude to you, because of me?"

Hinata stepped forward towards Yui, and then karate chopped Yui's head lightly, but with pain. The girl didn't know why he did that, so he asked.

"Stupid. You just said that you're bored being here, and you're still thinking about me? Well, thanks for the thought, but you should also think for yourself, neh... Ah. I'm sorry for hitting you awhile ago."

Yui forgave Hinata's action, because of his sweet reason. After the lecture of the boy, he left and asked Yui's mother where her wheelchair is.

Fifteen minutes already passed, but Hinata hasn't returned yet. There were noises downstairs during his absence, which caused Yui to worry.

'What's taking him so long? Maybe he already left?"

Yui narrowed the possibilities of what might happened. After a few thinking, she shook her head out of denial.

"No! I'm sure he has his own reasons... But what if the date doesn't, is cancelled?... Don't be too pessimistic!"

The overthinking girl suddenly stopped, when the door opened and at it is Hinata who was tired and sweaty.

"I'm so sorry... for being late.. it's just that... I have to find another wheechair for you.... Apparently..... You're wheelchair was already.... taken by your grandfather.... So I searched for another one.... And here am I, right in front of you."

'A-re? He did these things all for me?... I've been selfish all this time, just thinking about myself. I really am... Useless.'

Hinata noticed that Yui was feeling down.

"Why are you so depressed? Did I do something wrong? Let's go... Here."

He then carried Yui downstairs, making her look like a princess getting rescued by a knight, just like what her mother told her before.


Yui nodded in agreement, while being carried by her boyfriend. Her cheeks turned red, ears got hot, and hands shook. But luckily, Hinata didn't notice... Well, probably.

The two of them prepared themselves for their date, and left with the mother waving from afar. Hinata changed his clothes for some reason, while Yui was on her house clothes which is still appropriate for a date.

They strolled around the neighborhood, luckily, there weren't many people in the area, even if it was a sunday. Visiting nearby shops, stopping at the park to chat a little, and passing by the school for Yui to see.

Both of them were having fun, especially the girl who rarely gets a chance to see the outside world. Even though they only went to places nearby, Yui still enjoyed the stroll, because of Hinata's enthusiastic explanation and guidance.

After that, they had lunch together under a shady tree. Yui's mother prepared a large bento for the two of them to enjoy. Their lunch is some rice rolls, tempura, and some meat with vegetables.

They ate together with Hinata spoon-feeding Yui.

"Say 'Ah'..."

Together, they really look like a couple on a date. The two of them forgot to bring an extra spoon, so they were using the same spoon alternately. Hinata eats, then Yui gets next bite.

"Neh.. Why did you choose me, Hinata?"

Out of the blue, Yui asked Hinata a question, which was difficult to answer. Because of that, the mood suddenly went serious.

"Do I need a reason to love you..."

"Yes! Please tell me why. Is it because of my looks, or how you could take advantage of me, or maybe is it because you thought that you'll be a lonely virgin for the rest of your life."

"The last part was unnecessary."

Hinata saw Yui's seriousness, so he answered her seriously, until she said the last sentence. He smiled and then patted the girl's head.

"I chose you, not because I pitied you nor because of your beauty. It's because... I admired how strong you are. Enduring the pain of not moving anymore, being unable to play like other kids outside, or having no friends for these past few years. Who wouldn't admire such courage and strength to do all this? If I was the one with that problem, I would've asked for euthanasia, but you wouldn't."

The reason Hinata gave her made her move in tears. She leaned on Hinata's chest and overflowing happiness rushed again. Repeatedly saying to herself, 'Yui, you're the luckiest girl alive'.

"Now, now. Your tears are dropping on the food. Here.. Eat up. Say 'Ah'."

Hinata wiped Yui's tears. After the tears were all out, they continued their sweet indirect kisses. But this time...


It wasn't an indirect kiss anymore. For the first time, Yui was kissed on her lips. But Yui didn't reject it, instead, she insisted doing it with Hinata.

The aggressive Hinata hugged Yui with affection, until they finished kissing. The two of them were red, after their first kiss. The two of them smiled at each other.

"Geez. If I knew that will happen, I could've prepared myself, stupid Hinata."

"I'm sorry. I just want to show my love to you, Yui~"

They talked to each other the entire time, while eating their lunch. Hinata and Yui were happier than before. And just like that, their date came to an end.

The lonely girl, Yui, wasn't lonely anymore, because of Hinata. With the days to come, the only thing that awaits the two of them were new experiences living together.


So there you have it, my original story, Home Run!! I hope you liked it. And I'm sorry again for the wrong grammars, you know me. By the way, if you want to more fan fics from me, just say so in the comment section or message me. Just make sure to be specific. To make up for my inactivity (not posting), I made my best doing this.


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