Kuroo x Tsukki FANFICTION

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This is my first time writing a fanfic like this and I write the story base on the pictures. lol sorry I'm not that good in English. ^ ^
After practice I stayed in the gym to rest a bit before I went back to where my teammates were. I didn't noticed that it was just me and Kuroo-san who was left in here. He was just sitting beside me. I glanced at his side who hadn't said a single word and thought that I should go too. It felt like something was going to happen if I stay longer and tried to stand up but then Kuroo-san suddenly pulled me down and pinned both of my hands. "U-uhm... Kuroo-san?" He just stared at me with a serious face. My heart started to pound hard when he still didn't talk for a minute and just seriously stared at me. I don't know what he was thinking. I suddenly felt like the blood rushed through my head when I looked at his wet lips. My throat felt like it become dry and pretended to swallowed something. Why does his lips look sexy to me? Huh?! What am I thinking in a situation like this?!!! My thoughts got distracted when I noticed his lips moved and I looked into his eyes. "Tsukki....." his voice was so tender as if he were whispering sweet nothings to me instead of just saying my name. He looked at me so passionately that I can't tear my eyes away from him. He leaned his face close to mine as if he was planning to do something but then he stopped and hesitated. He removed his hands on me and immediately stood up while saying, "I-I'm s-sorry Tsukki..." and dashed outside leaving me dumbfounded. I was still lying down and space out for a while. When I came back to my senses, I stood up and asked myself, "What was that?" Recalling what just happened, I secretly touched my lips. "If he was planning to do it, he can just do it..." shocked by my own words I left the gym in a hurry then murmured. "B-baka..."
I shouldn't have pinned down Tsukki like that. What if he was mad at me? What should I do? But he looked so erotic every time I see him that I can't hold myself back from touching him. Is it because of the megane? Megane huh? Hmm...
I calmed down after I realized I forgot my stuff in the gym and went back. I saw Tsukki still lying on the floor. I was about to called out to him but then I heard him talked.
When I arrived outside the gym, I was surprised to saw Kuroo-san standing there. He smirked as soon as he noticed me. My forehead creased and asked him why he was still there.
"Oya... is it because Tsukki wants something from me?"
"H-huh? Kuroo-san? What are you talking about?"
"Oho! So you forgot what you just said a minute ago?"
"W-what? I-I don't know what you're talking about..."
"Hey... Tsukki... look at me."
"H-hmn... K-kuroo-san..."
"I'll kiss you if you say it, Tsukki." Still smirking as he whispered it to my ear and this left me a tingling sensation.
"W-wait a minute Kuroo-san..."
"I won't wait. So Tsukki.. won't you say it? Hmm?"
I glared at his grinning face.
"Hmm.. what is it Tsukki?" He smiled gently at me and it made me want to give in. Ugh!
"Kuroo-san... I want you to...."
".....move away from me, please. We're still outside. What if someone saw us?"
I slightly pushed him away from me. When I checked his reaction he looked at me teasingly.
"Oyaoya. Tsukki are you perhaps embarrassed?"
"Hah?!! And you're a coward who just walked away."
I retorted and hoping for him to retort back but I caught a glimpse of him frowning then he grabbed my wrist and dragged me inside the gym storage room. He pushed me to the wall and slammed his hands caging me there. Things happened so fast and we both gasping for breath. The look Kuroo-san gave me sent a shiver down my spine. He look like a hungry beast ready to eat his prey. Just the thought of it made my whole body tremble.
"Heh! So are you gonna eat me then, Kuroo-san?"
He bit his lower lip, licked it and smirked at me.
"Then... itadakimasu"
I should stop here and leave it to my imagination. lol
Should have not posted it? Aaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!

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