What's Your Ideal Type of Anime Boys?

By moemoeels392017-02-06 15:43

Boys, boys, boys and boys. This time let's talk about anime boys~
When we watch anime there are some times when our heart goes "badump" because of a certain boy who made you go, "dayumm I want that hot piece of *bleep*", and you'd make him your husbando.

The question is, which types are the ones that would make the perfect husbando for you?

° The Ikemen
He has to be an ikemen, a hot guy leads to a racing heart~
° The Mysterious One
An anime boy who has this aura full of mysteries would be cool~
° The Sporty Guy
Usually found in sports animes and sometimes they're packed XD
° The Animal Lover Kind of Guy
If the guy loves dogs/cats/bunnies etc I'd definitely want him as a husbando!
° The Bad Guy
Sometimes it's easier to fall for the bad ones rather than the good ones hehe
° The Cool Guy
Doesn't talk much, not very expressive. That one type that pulls you closer without you realizing it
° The Possessive One
Nothing better than a guy who is possessive towards his lover XD
° The Guy Who Can Play Music
A pianist, guitarist, violinist, etc would be perfect! Imagine them serenading you with a romantic music
° The Pervert
Sometimes a pervert can attract us.. Maybe.. Who knows
° Guys With Glasses
Can I just say that guys with glasses are so friggin asdfghjkl
° Other types?

Which is/are your ideal anime boys types?

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