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Vocaloid songs only for you~

Do you know who Kagamine Rin and Len are? As I said, they are vocaloids, things that have more fans than Justin Bieber~ Yes, that's right, unlike him, vocaloids have a more potential than that stupid-ass Anime hater.

Anyways, we're going to talk about these two, Rin and Len, the Vocaloid twins. With silky blonde hair and identical features, one would be confused which is which. If you don't know what I'm blabbing right now, guess who's the male and who's the female.




Rin is the girl and Len is the boy!!! If you didn't get it for the first time, it's fine. It took me more than ten attempts to get this right, not kidding. Just so you know, I'm a die-hard Miku fan, but I'm a vocaloid fan generally. So please give a like down below and enjoy the rest of the post~ Btw, I'll be recommending songs that involve the two of them, because they're a good duo. This will be in random order, because it's hard to judge which is better from one another.


6. [Maid Factor]
yogarasuP (music, lyrics)
Hajimu (illust)

A boy (Len) fells in love with a girl (Rin). Girl gave a condition for her to accept. He must wear a maid outifit, because it's her dream to see a boy dress as one, to the point where she even becomes a yandere. She won't accept unless he did. Some few problems here and there, but in the end, they became a coup~~~

Personal Opinion:
A very cute love story, but the whole "twins" ruin the moment. I just ignored that fact, and it was a whole different story!! I mean, who would want to cross dress for their crush? Some of you might and some of you might not. Anyways, I never thought about cross dressing, so why not? It's like hitting two birds with one stone.

Favorite Line:
"hakusha wo kakeru kimi no bousou
akkashi tsuzukeru kono senkyou
ai suru hazu no hito ni mukerareta juukou"

5. [Feathers Across The Season]
Hitoshizuku-P, Yama△ (music, lyrics)
Suzunosuke (Illustrations)
TSO, VAVA (movie)

A crane (Rin) was rescued by a man (Len) when hunting. Grateful, the crane visited him in her human form and the two fell in love and married. But one day the man fell sick, and because they were unable to afford medicine, the crane began to weave cloth with her own feathers and sell the cloth for money.

Personal Opinion:
Very, very emotional. As you could see, the description and the images I've posted are already depicting what to expect. The story, the approach, the song itself is great!! And once again, the "twins" thing is destroying everything!! This is the first song that I've heard from them btw. I almost forgot, at one part, Len's voice was so cool, which I personally think is his best voice so far from what I've heard.

Favorite Line:
""atarimae da yo" tte boku wa warai
tsubasa wo nakushita kimi wo dakishime, itta
kirei ni habataita ano hi no tsuru wo
zutto, ima demo oboete iro yo
soshite kawarazu kimi wo aishite iru yo"

4. [World Domination How-To]
Neru (music, lyrics)
Daikyoukin (piano)
Tomodachi Boshuu-P (mix, mastering)
Sidu (illust, video)

The boy's name is Tsuji and the girl's name is Azuma. As it speaks for itself, it's about what caused their world domination, changing themselves to someone capable of doing so.

Personal Opinion:
The way I explained the story is a bit confusing, because I don't get it myself. Just watch the video in youtube or something. It's really cool and the vibe it gives you. It's also have that opening song feeling, which is very cool and inspirational. The message and the upbeat of the song is just... Mwuaahh.

Favorite Line:
"yasashii hito ni naranakucha kokoro ga kajikamu mae ni"

3. [Children's War]
Giga-P (music, arrange, mix)
Reol (lyrics)
△○□× (illustration)
Okiku (movie)

Two siblings fight for superiority. The older one (Len) is the strict, strategic brother, while the younger one (Rin) is the sly and irresponsible sister. Who would win between their psychological warfare? Poor butler.

Personal Opinion:
Yes, a war between two siblings, can anyone relate? I do. Comebacks, miscalculations and deception. The upbeat of the song is really good. The story is amazing. Just watch it!!!!

Favorite Line:
" haai haai hai hai
hanamaru yoku dekimachita☆"

2. [Sincerity Nature: Drastic Measures Of Ignorance]
Suzumu (music, lyrics)
yasu(Tinkle-POP) (mixing)
Orebanana-P (tuning)
Saine (video, illustration)
Gibson (guitar)
Kei Nakamura (bass)
Goo (drums)

????????(I'm not sure)

Personal Opinion:
While watching some Kagamine songs, I accidentally watched this thinking that this is somewhat boring. I listened to it as usual, uninterested. Upon replaying and rewatching the song, I grew some interest in it, making it one of my favorite songs!! I don't know understand how the story goes, assuming that there is, but I do get the message, probably.

Favorite Line:
"oshitaoshi te fuku nugashi te hada kasane te ne ufufu"

1. [Electrical Angel]
Yasuo-P (music, lyrics)
Gogatsu (illustration)

Vocaloids loving their owner!!!

Personal Opinion:
While writing this post, I realized that this wasn't really the Kagamine twins' song, but Miku's rather. I was like 'Woah!'. But who cares, because I think they're better singing this song. Like if you agree. Anyways, one word: "Moe!!!"

Favorite Line:
" Maru de tenshi no hane mitai ni
WATASHI no KOKORO, habataku no?"

Yay!! That's just the half, because I haven't told you anything about each of their solo songs, so here we go!!!!!

Len Kagamine

1. [Servant of Evil]

Twins separated during their childhood days, and gets reunited. Their relationship is now a master and servant. Servant (Len) becomes evil, because of his loyalty to his master, his twin sister (Rin).

2. [True Love Restraint]

Len becomes a yandere~~~

Rin Kagamine

1. [The Lost One's Weeping]

The story of Tsuji from World Domination~~~

2. [Terrorism]

It speaks for itself~~~

There you have it everybody!!! Vocaloid Songs for your playlist~~ Make sure to add them because these songs are really good. Also, don't forget to watch the vids, because it'll be hard to understand the song and you won't be getting much out of it. Anyways, have a good day and thanks for reading!!

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