Situation!! How will you react?

By SriyaScarlet2017-02-26 12:40

YOU finally meet you anime crush in real life (imagine) !!!! Your dream finally comes true !! and she/he comes near you ...So what will you do?
1)Ask for autograph/signature or a photo with him/her
*you are too dazed that you actually met that person so you run right towards that person asking his/her autograph !!

2)Hug him/her
Wow my crush is here !! now i can finally hug her/him and feel her/him
I will stare at them until they notice you!!

4)kiss him/her
You got one in a life time chance to meet them so no wasting of time go kiss

5)Act cool
i will make them fall for me ...let me show them how cool i am!!

i'll hide so after coming up with a plan i will be confronting them.

7)Confess & Date him/her
i wanna date them so bad ever since i had a crush on them and since they are here i will confess!!

8)You passed out
wow my dream prince/princess is here !! im in heaven !!

9)Do nothing

10)Stalk him/her
Get going ...stalk them ...know their favourites and make them love you

So If you were in this situation how would you actually react?
Maybe i will pass out ...but mostly i would like to confess that person!!!!!!
Also mention your crush!!

(i did declare in my last post that i would take a break from anime sama but lol i can't hold myself so i decided to limit time spending here)

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