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What if heaven had bad angels and priests?
What if hell had good demons and devils?
I will tell you a fantasy I made, And dreamed about.
I will explain some things, First of all heaven and hell has 6 kingdoms each kingdom is either bad or good that would be the 3 kingdoms out of 6. Each kingdom has their power level and rulers. Each kingdom has 2 rulers, The rulers don't have to be a person. East kingdoms are good, West kingdoms are bad. Comment down which kingdom you will take and which side. You will see that all the rulers aren't looking that scary.. But when you find out their second face.. With that being said let's start!
It's not on clouds like in fairy tales but it's on islands where the city of gods lay. The city of gods lays in the centre of heaven in a dimensional gap between the goddess of keys that can open a door to any dimension, world or even time.
The city is commanded by Kalre the God of thunder. He has a daughter that is named Suzuki the goddess of thunder like her father. As she rules with her papa she loves to fight with him. All kingdoms have gods or goddesses ruling them.
The city of gods commands both East and West if a war broke between two sides in heaven they will have to destroy them with other gods under their command that are in the floating islands unlike East and West.

There are 6 kingdoms each kingdom has 100 less or more power level it goes from 0-300.
East kingdoms are good, unlike other kingdoms in West they have more members and more power level difference. Each kingdom has 2 leaders but it doesn't have to be a person.
The kingdom that has power level from 1-100, They mostly scout then fight because of their power but they fight mostly like ninjas because their power is low they have to be really sneaky.The ruler is only one but she has the help of her familiars and her name is Huwe. She's a goddess of ice, She makes a great ruler unlike the West kingdom's ruler Dandee.

This kingdom specializes in supplies and fighting, They create weapons for other kingdoms when they go to war. They aren't on the front lines because most of them have power level high enough to heal a big group of soldiers. Their power level goes from 101-200. Blacksmith is the speciality of their rulers because their rulers are the God of sun Giple and the goddess of fire Endasia. They might be from different family's but they get along like siblings.

The most powerful kingdom in East, It is bigger than the West kingdom's Fahar. Their power level is 201-300. Their speciality is fighting and protecting. They never fall back if there are other soldiers especially their ruler goddessol of weapons she can create any weapon with ability, Her holy sword can create armor and has huge power. She rules with her familiar that is the God of dragons Luyre. Her name is Esaka

All of the kingdoms have rulers as persons unlike East. They mostly go starting fights in battlefield of Vyper it's a dimension where heaven and hell fight till death, But not always because the goddess Esaka kill most of them, Well her veins are full of royal God blood. Their power levels go the same as East kingdom's.
The kingdom of trading it's not hostile so even the East side trades with them, They travel a lot so many kingdoms, worlds trade with them. They sell ores and supplys and the weapons with armor they make. Their rulers are God of water Espar and goddess of stars Elli.


Kingdom is the most hostile out of the all kingdoms in both West and East. They start the fights in the battlefield of Vyper, The kingdom of Gurza joins them after they start it. They don't attack East kingdoms because they are only hostile on the kingdom from hell.The rulers are the goddess of blood a true vampire Aschi and the goddess of time Quir.


Every human is afraid of demons and devils, But not all of them are scary. They all live in the underground, Well not really, But at the same time yes. The gods and goddesses live in the land of the Qerro. The centre of hell.

In the city there is a door, When the key master opens the door the gods know, Because the sound of cursed statues moving. The gods aren't hostile towards anyone who enter their world, Because the chaos would be caused if they fought in front of the cursed statues. Statues are cursed by the key master. The rulers of the land Qerro are goddess of Destruction Ikyra and God of death Saztan.
All of them have the same power levels as heaven, Bit the rulers can be either 1-2. As the same as heaven but around West is good and East is bad. The gods decided like that because when they talked with Kalre they all agreed to do it like that.
Their kingdoms are all about fighting they are hostile towards West, They don't like that the West have kingdoms that are good and couldn't kill a human without a reason like East does.
The kingdom is mostly about counter attack, They take care of the human dimension. Since it's hard to get through key master they created a portal with one of their rulers. They don't go on battlefield because they are busy with human world. The rulers are the goddess of teleportation Beorwyn she was the one that made the portal, The other ruler is God of darkness Cirdan.


A kingdom where you wouldn't want to end up in. It has not much members because of it harsh rules and the rulers themselves are really scary... The kingdom is a traveling one, By traveling it means going through many dimensions. When they end up in a human dimension they of course attack them without a reason. Basically they even attack their kind. The rules is Magenda goddess of war (no wonder they fight a lot) and the god of wind Pyuru


The kingdom of enchantment, They use their powers that come from their rulers, But they aren't that fond of fighting, Because mostly they use enchantment for other kingdoms. There are many times that they helped angels from West. As they live in a really crowded place they can hide from fighting in their kingdom. Rulers are goddess of control Faer and goddess of manipulation Ergol

The good kingdoms. These kingdoms actually protect world with key master but not every time. Living far away from the city the kingdoms became like one huge one.. But they are away from each other.
In a relationship with the powerful gods they are considered as important demons and devils. Not as in royal nor rich things they have a really good place to live in. As their rulers are peaceful and kind the kingdom has grown a lot since then.. Rulers are goddess of nature Arya and goddess of Eternal life Chugi.


A long name having kingdom isn't full of not just demons and devils but with other creatures. Having them all be in one kingdom made their chances rise up and they became known for their creations like buildings, new food and other things. Rulers are Goddess of creation Crypto and goddess of living beings Garati.


A unknown kingdom. No one knows what they do not what they think... But after long years everyone found out that they are the knew keeping balance in the underworld. They work with gods to help them and to keep the balance between worlds. Rulers are goddes of unread Iupt and goddess of machines Goperti

A cold and full of mountains place next to the world where key master lives.

A huge city with more like faculty for mining tools and ores with blacksmith places.

Under a big ocean but with air because there is another world down there where no one could see it.

The kingdom is connected to Zache with waters since the ocean is long and big, the kingdom made it their home.

A hidden kingdom so no one could find then. A really green place..

Mostly ruined grounds but really hidden places in there. Only the members know how to get there.

A kingdom full of buildings that are for prisoners or just killing.

A underground caves crowded with traps and spikes from the cave.

Mostly a rainy forest that is far from the centre it's forbidden but the kingdom is there.

The kingdom is next to the forest where Yureto is but the forest is clearer because there is a bridge that you need to cross.. Is it cursed?

A forest in the far back with other forests.. You probably think why forest in hell.. We'll hell has lots of dimensions connected.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thank you for reading this, this is actually a bit from the full stories about the kingdoms but it would take too long. It probably looks horrible and you couldn't read through this crap.. ╯△╰


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