Kuzu no Honkai Ep 9

By an_m_t_clip2017-03-11 20:02

Well it sucks to say I wasn't being paranoid without reason.

Let's see, to start things off we got a confirmation that Mugi did indeed completely screw up the sex was one thing both of them had already done that to to each other before and it wasn't a bother really, but for him to simply message sorry and never even say anything else or try to talk to her the next day gah I thought better of you Mugi! Why have you betrayed me and Hanabi? That face though, it's so darn cute.

Anyway I was also hoping after the last episode that we were all wrapped up on Ecchan as well, and while I don't like some aspects of it this episode does do better to bring a close to her.

When they first arrived at the house and Atsuya was there I was like "Yes! Vag block her plz." Of course it didn't end up going that way and then it's on to why I try not to watch this in the middle of the day part 1.

I feel like Atsuya trying to push for Ecchan to end it with Hanabi is both something good that he is doing for her best interest and also something that comes off as way too intrusive and something that would normally get you cut off in most situations, but Ecchan herself knew better and just had to work up the courage herself to end it just like Hanabi did.

The fact that both of them really felt as if they were the one who was using the other is something obvious to us viewers but to actually see them talk about it was a little painful and again I found myself feeling bad for Ecchan more so because Hanabi really wants to go on being friends with her when they have done stuff that passes into a realm that they can't just run from it or ignore it every time they are around each other. Also I do believe that last kiss was the first one where they actually shared a mutual feeling about it.

I think by the end of this episode and after talking to Moca, Hanabi started to get the impression that maybe she wasn't so alone after all. It was probably a feeling equated to the fact that she was finally able to open her eyes and see that there were a lot of other people in her life that shared that same feeling of loneliness and rejection causing her to come to terms in herself that it's not some feeling that's going to chain you down and last forever. It's amazing how these last few episodes have really clearly drove home a specific message and sort of life lesson in such a concise way.

But, then there is why I try not to watch this in the middle of the day part 2 that finishes off the episode. I'm seriously dissapointed in him. I think it's clear from what little bit we saw, his attempt to convey a true sense of love to Akane probably failed and he instead walked himself straight into her brainwashing.

I'm not sure if we will be able to get the True Happy ending at this point or if we will just have to settle with the Pseudo Happy ending where everyone has been able to put a close to there trouble and carry on with life hoping for great new things. I really want to see Mugi and Hanabi together in the end though.

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