Things you may like #1

By Sempai2017-03-15 19:09

I think we all enjoy doing things we like.Everyone has their own likeness and don't care what the others say,just like me my parent always say me to stop watching anime but I never do so.
So here I'll be counting some things that you may like...

After reading a few chapters,you get sucked into the world.
You like reading in a calming place without disturbing.

Food is everything to you.
You just want to be on a circle with lots of different foods and snacks.

Friends,money and fun that's all you want.
You like to go shopping with you friends and have a lot of fun.

You're inspired by something and want to draw it.
You put all of your emotions on drawing because that's how you express your feelings.

Tired or not you just want to sleep.
You just want to stay on bed and do nothing except sleeping.

You want to put your brain on use just for perverting.
Yaoi,yuri or smut whatever it is.

Ingredients and imagination.
You want to use this to things and make something that maybe will blow your mind.

Your best friend or boyfriend/girlfriend and one room.
Take whoever you want choose a room and stay all night playing and having fun.

Wow this and wow that.
You want to know every part of the world because like that you can enjoy life.
10.Other options...

You can choose something I haven't mentioned.
Whatever you want.

This was all for now.
I like a lot of things that sometimes I can't choose but for now I'll say:
All of them!!

What about you?!?!

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