My top 10 Anime.

By [email protected]2017-03-25 17:40

When I'm talking about "my top 10 anime " there are 5 anime that are irreplaceable for me and these are

After thinking hours and hours and hours ( actually 3 days 😤😤) i can't decide which one i like most So I'll be not taking these in my list.
And to make my post interesting I'll write it in a new way.
Let me impress you all by this ultimate creation of mine 😘😘.


" I'm just simply one hell of a butler,
In terms of cruelty I'm worse than Hitler.
I can do anything in one simple try,
If work is not complete then what kinda butler am i."😎


" I'll be the shadow and you'll my light,
As best duo we'll win every fight.
They're generation of miracles that doesn't matter,
Hold my hand and i'll make you better. "🙋🙋


" Kira writes name in a book he likes,
Name written in it eventually dies .
L was the one who bravely fought,
The name of the book was Death Note."😱😱

07. Black Bullet.

" There were some girls who born infected,
To this world they all were rejected.
Rentaro is the person who wants to save girls,
But these stupid human destroyed those pearl. "😢😢


" This the anime you gonna love most,
The story starts with a guy whose camera gone lost.
LIBRA is the that boy joined at last,
Klaus is boss and he is so fast .
This is my recommendation for your next anime,
I should should stop before it goes out of rhyme. "😂😂


" 5 cent it takes to summon lord Yato for you,
His service is cheap, reliable and some way new.
He is the god who is forgotten at this time,
He is collecting mony to make his shrine. "😝😝
*shrine = temple


" The Yakuza prince made decision of his life,
10 years he asked someone to be his wife.
Now he forgot who was back then,
He wants to find and love her again.
Life took turn when Lady Chitoge comes,
Maybe she is the one who Raku Ichijo loves. "😆😆

03. Bungo Stray Dogs.

" Dazai is so cool but he wants to die,
He fails miserably every time he try.
A boy has ability 'Beast Beneath the Moon',
Dazai helps to find is it curse or it's boon. "😍😍

02. Ao No Exorcist.

"Here story starts with spawn of Satan,😈😈
On blue night a lot of souls were eaten.
The boy has sword and his name is Rin,
He is demon but his soul is clean. "

01. Noblesse.

Before i start a poem about it you need to know something. Noblesse has only 2 episodes yet it's more than awesome from half of new animes.

" It's the tale of the lord of nobles,
He went to the sleep due to some troubles.
But after 820 years someone woke him up,
It was the future and a lot to catch up.
He found someone friends for whom he can die,
Friends also love him and they named him RAI. "😍😘

I hope you like it. This post literally took 3 days 😤😤😤.
Sayonara minna san 😄😄

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