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By Sempai2017-03-28 14:51

There are some things that have been disturbing me since I saw something, I would've never want!!

What is this??I didn't know what to do when I saw this, this really irritated me.
How can they say something like this, they don't even know us, they dare to say these things.
We are humans too, we have feelings too, it's just that we like things they don't, and they might like thing we don't too.

I've hated him from the very start,I've never loved him and this is one of the reasons.
Ok, I know everyone can share their own opinions, but this is too much for the ones that actually love anime and are obsessed with it.What if someone liked anime and even Justin, I bet when he/her saw this started to hate Justin.

Yeah, come and say it to my face, and then you'll see it.Who are you to judge otaku, without knowing anything about us and wothout understanding our feelings, don't say these things without watching anime, and then when you'll do so you will have the right to talk.
People only say what they think, excluding the reality.

People think we are like this but for me and maybe for others is the opposite.

I know this is not true, because in a visit in Japan Barack Obama himself has thanked the Japan for creating karaoke, anime, karate, manga and emojis.

So here I'll be counting some countries which sales manga and the anime population is high.

In 2001, animation accounted for 7% of the Japanese film market, above the 4.6% market share for live-action works. The popularity and success of anime is seen through the profitability of the DVD market, contributing nearly 70% of total sales.


The anime market for the United States was worth approximately $2.74 billion in 2009.

In Japan in 2011, the DVD and Blu-Ray sales were approximately $250.6 million for DVD and $381.7 million for Blu-Ray (according to here).

From this:

In 2006, overseas sales of Japanese anime hit ¥16.8 billion but that has since plunged due to sluggish sales of DVDs — a direct result of pirated videos online and video-on-demand services. In 2011, global sales were a mere ¥8.55 billion. (¥16.8 billion=~$139 million, ¥8.55 billion=~$70 million)

Obviously, there are some discrepancies in these numbers, as the US market cannot be higher than the total overseas market. However, the US market number is likely accounting for television and possibly toys, while the overseas numbers are likely just sales.

This gives the North American sales numbers.

Overall, it will be nearly impossible to determine the distribution. The Japanese numbers are the highest, but because much of anime is watched (often illegally) online, it is difficult to determine where people are watching from.

The manga market may be a good representation of the anime market distribution.

Japan has the biggest market for manga.

From this and this:

In Europe, France used to consist of about 50% of the manga market, with 1/3 of the comic market in France being made up of manga (2003 numbers). In 2011, their percentage of the European manga market dropped to about 40%.

According to the Japan External Trade Organization, sales of manga reached $212.6 million within France and Germany alone in 2006.

France represents about 50% of the European market and is the second worldwide market, behind Japan.

Germany's comic market is made up 70-75% of manga.

Manga is not very popular in Russia. In general, comics aren't very popular in Russia as a whole. The spread of anime has, however, helped to increase the popularity of manga.

In Thailand, there is manga, but it is primarily bootlegged.

According to this:

...by 2008, the U.S. and Canadian manga market generated $175 million in annual sales.

You can also look at thelist of manga distributor to see a general range of number of distributors, though that doesn't give the amount of distribution in a country.

From this:

Annual manga sales in Japan are about $5 billion, he said, whereas American manga sales are $120 million and Europe and the Middle East combined make $250 million.

I would like to say to the people who insult otaku to don't do it anymore unless you understand them.
Hope you agree with me.

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