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By moemoeels392017-03-28 18:53

This is my top 10 animes post for the March event😙
It's based on my opinions so I hope I won't see any comments like "What about (anime name) ?" or "How can you not put ... "
Like I said this is based on my opinions. Not everybody's opinion is the same so please respect that^^
(Sorry, I had to put this in because in my previous posts I usually see comments like those)
Alright since that's out of the way, let's start!

#10 Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
This is my most watched BL anime~
Aside from the characters I found every story very cute, the first love themes made me keep wanting more, if only there were a season 3 for this anime. Of all the pairings my favorite was Kisa and Yukina, tbh I don't really know why but I keep getting these fluffy feelings everytime I watch their episodes.

#9 Tales of Zestiria the X
I've been a Tales fan ever since I played Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology when I was still in 5th grade, that'd mean 6 years ago. From all of the series this one is my favorite, the plot and characters were lovable and there were 2 episodes of Tales of Berseria in it which was also interesting. I haven't watched the second season though because of school work asdfghjkl.

#8 Shokugeki no Soma
I found this anime very enjoyable and very interesting. If you tell me to watch something cooking related I'd probably fall asleep right away but Shokugeki no Soma? I'd stay awake 24/7 to keep watching. The foods looked so delicious I even tried to cook some of them by myself lol.

#7 Kaichou wa Maid-sama
I love this animes because of 2 things. The maid themes and Usui. It was so cute and interesting and Usui is 100% boyfriend material XD. All the characters were so unique, my favorite were Hinata and Usui. Each episode got me wanting more, I got the anime finished in one day😅

#6 Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
This beautiful but heart breaking anime is ranked number 6th in my top 10. The storyline seriously hit me, not just that but the characters too. I love Kousei and Kaori, up until now I still can't accept the fact that she's.. You know what I mean. And let me tell you, this anime is the 2nd anime that ever made me cry. The character's backgrounds, their characters and end are all beautiful.

#5 No. 6
I just wish there were more dystopia animes like No. 6. The character's characters are almost like the usual you'll find in most animes but what caught my eyes were the plot and the BL kiss lol. Up until now I think they should include No 6 in shounen-ai. The ending was on a bit of cliffhanger though, I still hope there's another season for this anime.

#4 Karneval
To be very honest I'm not a really big fan of action animes lol. I first saw the name Karneval when I was searching for "animes with BL undertones", I was checking for something that could fill my desires for BL. When I first watched it I was already pulled in lol, not just because of the BL undertones but it's because of the action and storyline. It played with my feels like quite a lot and I was like, "asdfghjkl what's going to hap.. NO STAHP DONT!".

#3 Yuri!!! on Ice
The very reason why I put this on my top 3 is because of Victuuri. Putting aside the fact that I'm a fudanshi (a guy who like Yaoi) I really like it when something is given an LGBT material, not for humor, not for fanservice. The BL story also ended up happy, not like some BL dramas I've watched for example Uncontrolled Love, A Round Trip To Love and My Bromance The Movie (well I'm not going to tell you what happened since I might spoil it or bring back the feels if you've watched it). I just think that the way they made it happy with the kiss and the rings it just shows that being LGBT doesn't mean you'll end up sad or anything.

*sorry if this was a bit sensitive😶

#2 K ON!
This anime is one of my first animes. I watched this anime because my friend invited me to his house to watch animes and we watched K ON!. It was so hilarious and I love the characters especially Mugi. Since it was one of my first animes I thought that the characters was so interesting with their own unique personalities. The story was quite enjoyable and memorable, these girls will probably stay in my heart for a long time~

#1 Tokyo Ghoul
I love horror mangas and animes. Tokyo Ghoul is no exception! The story was so good and so sad. I CRIED FOR A FEW DAYS BECAUSE OF HIDE. At first I thought the anime would be scary with ghouls (I mean ghouls like zombies), I love horror but I can't stand zombies (the very reason I can't watch The Walking Dead and Train To Busan alone) but it turned to be those kind of ghouls. I seriously love the anime, with the feels it gave me it became one of the many anime that stayed in my heart.

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