21 SAO facts !!!

By SriyaScarlet2017-03-31 03:27

So here are the facts that i thought every SAO fan must know so i listed them down !!

1)There are in total 10 unique skills to Sword Art Online however, we only know 6 of them.
The 6 being:
Infinite spear, Shurikenjutsu, Battoujutsu, Darkness Blade, Holy Sword and Kirito's Dual Blades.

2)Kirito is the only character who is able to use the unique Dual Wield skill. This is because the ability is only given to the individual who has the fastest reaction time in the game.

3)Accordingly to the Sword Art Online side story manga, the 14th autumn, Keiko's display name Silica means silicon dioxide. She chose this name for her character due to her real name being based on silicon, the 14th element in the periodic table. She even ties her hair in a way to symbolise the oxide atoms that are bound to her.

4)The anime Sword Art Online is based on a video game, and whilst there's nothing like Sword Art Online in the real world, there are still games with 'SAO' in the title.
Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment which is a Playstation Vita game, released in Japan on the 24th of April 2014.
The game takes place in the same alternative storyline as Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment which is another game that is based on the anime. The game sold 145,029 physical retail copies within the first week in Japan.

5)Kirito uses his homemade computer to play with his video games, however it isn't just an ordinary gaming PC.
It actually uses a 24Ghz processor.
To put that in comparison, the most powerful processor you can but today is the Intel core i7 which has a base speed of 3.4Ghz.

6)Asuna's weapon is called Lambent Light. This rapier is Asuna's final sword she uses in Sword Art Online. It requires an almost maxed out level in one handed rapier skill, combined with Asuna's extremely quick speed earns her the nickname the 'flash'.

7)When the Sword Art Online VRMMORPG game was first sold, it had the recommended age rating of 14+, however like real world scenarios, there were players who were below the recommended age rating on the first day of the official SAO service. Like Silica, who was 12 when it was released or the children at the starting city church.

8)Lizbeth's original hair colour was actual brown, however in the anime, it was changed to pink.
In anime, the hair colour is generally used to determine an individual's characteristics. The hair colour pink, is used when a character is cheerfully cute often to the point of being obnoxious.

9)In Sword Art Online, the main female character is Asuna. It was originally meant to be her brother in the game instead of her, however he had to go on a business trip and Asuna decided to play on the released date of Sword Art Online.

10)The author of Sword Art Online, Reki Kawahara, is also the author of a popular light novel, Accel World. He created the first book from the wish to become one of the top players he cannot be, when playing the MMO games.

11)Kirito's favourite food is teriyaki chicken burgers. He used to disliked spring onions unless Asuna cooked it for him.

12)On November, 7th 2024 at 2:55pm when Kirito defeated Heathcliff on the 75th floor, 6,147 players were successfully able to log out. The other 3,853 players unfortunately perished. The death tally adds up from players committing suicide in the game, interference from the outside world like people forcefully removing the nerve gear and general deaths from other players and monsters.

13)At the time when Kirito first starts playing Sword Art Online, he's 14 and when he eventually finishes it, he's 16.

14)Haruka Tomatsu, the voice behind Asuna Yuuki in Sword Art Online, is also known as the voice actress for many other popular roles including:
• Lala from To Love Ru
• Yuina from Hanasku Iroha
• Naruko from Anohana

15)Everyone starts off with a green cursor at the beginning of the game. However, committing crimes, hurting and killing other players with green cursors will change your cursor from green to red.
Players doing this up to 3 times can become neutral over time. But, on the 4th time, a player must complete a special quest to reform themselves.
With the 5th offence, rewarding a player with a permanent orange cursor.
This permanent orange cursor is automatically given to player killers.
Also, attacking or killing a player with a orange cursor won't change the colour of your cursor, as the system interprets it as someone defending themselves or others.

16)When Reki was creating Kirito he wanted to make a character who would do as he liked without thinking about the consequences.

17)Kirito's favourite skill is fishing. He even continues raising his fishing skills in ALO.

18)In the original web version of this story, 50,000 players were trapped in the VRMMO, however this number was drastically reduced to 10,000 in the published novel.

19)Asuna and Kirito originally duelled against each other in a 2005 interview with the creator of Sword Art Online. During a popularity contest, there was a question and answer session with the characters themselves where Sachi was revealed to be Kirito's first love prior to Asuna.

20)In Volume 1 of the sword art online novel(when Kirito first went to GGO) due to his feminine and delicate face, may people mistook Kirito as a girl while hanging out with his sister, Suguha.

21)Kirito tried to wield 3 swords, but gave up since apparently, it felt like his teeth would fall out.

Thanks for reading!

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