Badass Characters Coming Your Way!

By TwinkKat2017-04-07 00:10

Yeah, I'm pretty sure someone has probably made a top 10 list on this topic already, but sometimes you can't always be original and that's exactly what I'm going to do! ( if I was actually the first person to make a top ten/5 list on this topic I'm rly surprised but I'm pretty sure Sempai made a list already like this so...)(ΦωΦ)
Spike Speigel- Cowboy Bepop
He may seem like your average bounty hunter, but Spike is way more than that he's a total badass! His whole crew is to be exact and don't even let me get started on that (rly don't) what I'm saying is that Spike really knows how to kick some butt! When fighting his skills really show. With a kick to his opponent's head and his next move being a backflip we never know what this guy is going to do! So that's enough of my rambling on Spike let's move on to next character!
Audience: yayyy...(゜-゜)
*slowly walks away
Revy- Black Lagoon
Now wouldn't it just bad if I didn't include. Yup it's are favorite badass Revy! To her swearing of a sailor and skills with a gun, Revy is definitely a character you don't want to mess with. She grew up rough making her roughthe person she is, still we love her for it
Morgiana- Magi
She can be cute and sweet, but if you rile her up or even say the wrong thing she'll make sure you get something in return (T▽T) and that's not exactly a good thing. Morgiana can really destroy something by the way.With her amazing strength she can destroy concrete with, her bare feet that's crazy right!? lol I guess talked enough about Morgana so let's move on to the next character.
Saitama- One Punch Man
Sorry I had to get that out of me, anyway let's talk about are average Superhero Saitama. To basically sum it up he can destroy anything with ONE PUNCH and he always looks cool doing it!
NOTE: you can tell how lazy I'm getting from being to almost end,anyway if your reading this I'm surprised you've made it this far
5.- You Decide
I know it may seem clique of me to do this but I'm trying to make this the most interactive as possible so you choose! Who should be the last and final badass? Hope you enjoyed this I no it's not much but have haven't posted something in a while so I hope you have a wonderful day and bye!

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