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By Ao-chan2017-04-07 14:26

Personally, I believe that I, as a fan of anime, consider cute things to be something that I enjoy. Now despite that discussion I've made in the Advanced Critique about the idea of Lolicons, I've actually wondered which character in the anime world which is a loli, would be my favourite. Now.
『1』★ KOKOᗩ ᕼOTO
She's adorable, and a perfect loli. Nice body, not too short, but enough to be called a loli. Her face is to die for. Those round cheeks and bright eyes really give off the moe appeal in her. Her mouth is small and well shaped. Her hair is nice an short. She fit very well in many clothes and costumes for example her Waitress outfit when she is working. Very cute I have to say. Excellent performance Kokoa Hoto.
『2』★ ᑭᒪᑌTIᗩ
Plutia has very lovable characteristics. Especially the way she acts among her friends. She loves them all very much, and makes dolls of whom she loves, her voice kills any who hears it. She gets very mad when anyone hurts her friends in anyway. Plutia as a person, is just someone hard to not love. Plutia is a divine loli. She is equivalent to 10 Tina Sprouts as a loli. Majority of why is due to her figure.
『3』★ KOᕼIᑎᗩ ᕼIᖇᑌKO
Kohina, like her father, gives off a cruel psyche and will annihilate those that stand in her way without any remorse. She, however, seems to question her father when it comes to ending someone's life, demonstrated when she asks him if she could kill Rentaro Satomi, who was pointing a gun at them at that time, and later when she also repeats the same action with Enju Aihara.
『4』★ TEᗯI Iᑎᗩᗷᗩ
Tewi is a youkai rabbit. You may not have known, but she is at least 1300 years old.
Despite that, Tewi has lovable personality. Now I'm basing this off of a lot of fanfics that may even have conflicting plots and storylines. But, Tewi is very playful, quite the prankster, and is quite the striver. I believe this plays very well into her loli title.
『5』★ TIᑎᗩ ᔕᑭᖇOᑌT
Tina is a very mysterious character, until you get to know her a little better. They prove this in the series. Tina's personality contributes very well to her rank on my list. She is willing to do anything for the sake of her master, or in this case Rentaro, who freed her bonds from her other master.
『6』★ ᗰᗩᔕᕼIᖇO ᗰITᔕᑌᗰIᑎE
Mashiro truly is a very skilled loli. Her voice is one thing, but she uses her petite physique perfectly in the show by the way she walks, jumps, dances, and even hanging on to her brother. She very much resembles a cat with the way she reacts with things. Quite impressed with that feature. Good job Mashiro.
『7』★ ᑭOᑭᑌᖇᗩ TᗩᑎEᔕᕼIᗰᗩ
Popura's physique is quite unique really. For a 17 year old with a really short height, you would think her bust was small too correct? Yeah that's what I thought as well. But Popura has quite the bust. Unlike Komari, Popura has got it good. Though Popura doesn't care all too much about that since all she really wants is to get taller.
『8』★ ᖴᒪᗩᑎᗪᖇE ᔕᑕᗩᖇᒪET
There are quite the personalities that a loli can have. And being a playful loli is one of them. Flan(which is what many people call her), has that personality to her. Yet, she has another side to her. Which I like to regard her as, a devil. Flan, unlike her sister Remilia, isn't very composed. She's been stuck in her mansion's basement for over 400 years due to the lack of being able to control her powers of pretty much being able to destroy anything she wants. Example the sun. So she's been pretty lonely over the four centuries.
『9』★ KOᗰᗩᖇI KᗩᗰIKITᗩ
Komari Kamikita has been known to me as a quite the remarkable loli. In terms of her performance it maintaining the loli personality, physique, ideals, and motives. Komari desires everyone to be happy with her theory of "recycled happiness." She uses this to her advantage along with her sweet tooth to greatly portray the title of loli. Her personality fits with her looks, though one thing I find a little odd about Komari is her body.
『10』★ ᒪᗩᔕT OᖇᗪEᖇ
Well, Misaka Mikoto definitely is my overall top character. Though, Last Order is quite different with her use of personality. Last Order intrigues with her use of humouring acts while maintaining a cute appeal. To me she serves as a good laugh and not too much else. Yet, she maintains her moe appeal, and is connected to Misaka Mikoto so bonus points for that.
Thank you for getting through a long post! 😄
I just want you to know that, I only copied this on the net. So it's not originally mine, I just found out this kawaii list of Top 10 Lolis ☺️. Hope you like it 😊

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