Things you may hate

By Sempai2017-04-10 17:50

Hi!!!We have things we like but we have things we hate too.So here I'll be counting some things you may hate or dislike.
1.No Wi-Fi...

No wi-fi, no life.
You hate when there's no wi-fi because you can't watch anime or read manga

My brain can't take it anymore.
You hate to study because you don't have to watch anime or you're bored of it.
3.No free time...

There's no free time.
You hate when you're busy and don't have time for other things you like to do.

School=No anime for 7 hours.
You hate school because you have to tire your brain with lots of things and not being able to watch anime.

Food=No love
Why do you need love when you have other things.You hate it because you have to do everything for your lover.

Why do that??
You hate it because people doesn't understand you and and they don't try to do so.
7.Being criticized...

Please stop anymore.
People only talk about bad things you have done maybe without knowing the reality, leaving the good things aside.

All of those disgusting creators!!
You hate those because those are disgusting and creeps you out.

People and the time we're living in.
You hate all people because they are destroying the world we're living in.
10.other options...

Things I haven't mentioned but you hate.

This is the end.
I think I've related everything with anime but still hope you like it.
So which one do you hate the most??

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