Dragon Ball Tales.

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This journey starts from far far away,
Where trees are green and mountains are gray.
A boy name GOKU who was living there,
He was enjoying life without any care.

One day the boy got hit by car,
He was so tough he didn't get a scar.
No one got hurt that was relief,
The stupid in car was Bulma Brief.
The Adventure for Goku begins now,
Bulma got 4 star from Goku somehow.

GOKU found Roshi in the long way of run,
Roshi gave him kento* and had some fun. ( Bulma 😂😂)
( kento = flying nimbus cloud)

Now goku met Yamcha while travelling the way,
They caught by Emperor Pelif like spider catches prey.
This was the first time when Goku transform,
He destroyed everything just like a storm.

Now Goku came to Roshi to get him train,
A person also approaching who had good brain.
Kirillin was the name of that guy,
He convinced Roshi in his 1st try.
Now they train like they never had,

Krillin died soon which was pretty bad.
Tambourine was the one who killed Gokus friend,
Goku fought and finished Tambourine in end.
Tambourine was son of King Piccolo the evil,
Roshi also died with the hands of devil.

Goku killed the Piccolo with mighty dragon punch,
Story got too sad but plot had its own crunch.

Now Goku want to train at the Kami's home,
Our hero got mad by seeing Kami in that form.
( Actually Kami was other half of Piccolo so it's easy to misunderstood him as Evil.)
The time finally arrived after 3 whole years,
Look at Goku he grown too much oh my dear.
23rd Tournament is finally going to begin,
Goku had the training to fight Piccolo again.

As finals start Junior attacks at the son,
Goku looked so happy like he was having fun.
( Junior = Piccolo jr. son = Songoku)
So After the fight Piccolo was defeated,
People can say that history was repeated.
Goku gave sanju to prevent Junior dying,
If i he was not evil i must be lying.

Chichi and goku got married with the happy end,
And this is my DRAGON BALL all of my friend.

Sorry for not covering Red Ribbon Army and 21st and 22nd Martial Art Tournament.
I hope you like it.
Sayonara minna san.

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