Fairy tail love 💙💙[i made the poems so please read !!]

By SriyaScarlet2017-04-11 08:04

Fairy tail is my number 1 anime ...but the sad thing is ....
it going to end before may 7...
and i can't help but get depressed ....
So many things happened ...fairy tail, my first anime ...i really loved its leaps and bounds ...it has introduced me to my anime life and i can't thank it enough!!

So this post is for my dear FAIRY TAIL !!

Mavis, the first guild master
decided on making home for a caster
made a guild named fairy tail
with her treasure hunting friends and prevailed.

She fell in love with black wizard
who destroyed everything like a blizzard
but their love for each other was dearly
which could be seen by their happiness clearly.
And so they went ahead for a kiss
but then they had to face abyss.

(ok lol this poem is going nowhere... how should i make it interesting? okay decided ...i will add few small and funny ones ^^)

Roses are red
Happy is blue
Fairy tail is great
You come join us too.
Roses are red
Jellal's hair is blue
If you hate fairy tail
I will kill you.

This one will be said by erza !!
Roses are red and strawberries too
cake is mine and not for you
if you ever take my cake
i'll take my sword and slash your face !!

(well small ones are easy to make ^^ now i will write shipping poems)

finding rhyming words sure is hard
and so i decided to skip that part
but still i will try my best to make
a nice poem like a nice cake ....

1) Nalu
This will be said by natsu

We met a few days ago
and i can't help but say
seeing you makes me smile
but it surely hurts when you are away !

Since the day we met
i can't get you out of my head
We have had a great time in past
i wish this fun to always last !

Now this by Lucy

You can't help but be stupid can you?
but that is what i love about you..
The way you eat the fire is so weird
and your pink hair is so strange
but despite all that
you better not ever change !
Our adventures have been fun i admit
Future is coming fast but i will not forget you a bit.

2) Gruvia

The ones i love always die
and all i do is fall and cry
It's better to stay alone is what i say...
but that's a really huge lie.

You have given me the warmth i need
but I'm too scared to accept it
cause when i do..darkness plants in me, it's seed.

but i love you
that is very true
i am ready to sacrifice my life for you
but i wont let a scratch lay on you !!

Juvia :-
Gray sama juvia loves you
my eyes are fixed on you like a glue
i will follow you everywhere
and cherish you well ..that i swear.

I won't let you suffer again
not an inch of sadness on you will rain
i will protect you like the water does
to the sea creatures below us.

The prince and the knight
can't be together right ?
but here is a different tale
of prince in love with knight of fairy tail

They began their love as childhood friends
together they worked to make their troubles end
but their fate took a wrong turn
and made their love burn.

But still they stayed together
and faced of their fates for each other
this showed their mutual love
which made them ready to face the Sky above.

4) Gale
The books were her home
and romance was what she needed
A tale as strong as iron
A heart that wanted no love
Metal soul needed warmth
And the bookworm gave it all.

Zervis !!
Is it so wrong to love so much,
That what you'd get in return is a final touch?
I shouldn't expect more than what was given me,
But I couldn't shake away what could be,
Im lost wandering this world,
While remembering your last word,
You could've stood by my side,
But they took away from me your light....

Short ship poems( towards the dark side ..)
1) Nalu
Natsu is red
Lucy's skirt used to be blue
if you don't ship nalu
they will burn you !!

2) Gruvia
Gray is nothing red
but Juvia is all blue
if you hate gruvia
they will freeze and drown you !!

3) Jerza
Erza is red
Jellal is blue
if you hate jerza
i will stab you !!

4) Gale
Gajeel is nothing red
but levy is all blue
if you don't ship gale
they will not care about you.

5) Zervis
Zeref is black
Mavis is white
if you hate them
they will make your life black and white.

~~~~~~~ FAIRY TAIL IS THE BEST !! ~~~~~~~~

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