The revival of the person that made peace.

By Funkydunky2017-04-11 09:10

As everyone is celebrating the death of Lelouch vi Britannia his sister cries more than the day their parents died. Suzaku couldn't keep it in anymore and cried with her because his best friend died.

Suzaku became the new Zero and the body of Lelouch disappeared and was nowhere to be found, But still his friend carried on the will of his, To be a hero that saved all. It wasn't him that is a hero but Lelouch.

After a while as everyone was happy in peace and zero was the one taking care of nunnaly for his sake and the friendship they had. Everyone remembers that he was a good person not a bad one.. His friends that is. This plan was a successful for him and everyone, Many died but now peace was in action. Far from the city there was a small village with remains of a castle.

And far from the village there was a tree, A big one at that it had a pond inside of it. Someone lived there, No one knew why or where because the tree was big and had water down there. Who would actually live there.

A disguised person with a girl.. A girl.. She was no other than C.C but.. The person with her was disguised and no one would know who he/she is. Did C.C find a new owner? Is it possible? Every week they go to the village to buy food and work for money.

One day something happens, A person gets inside the army base where Lelouch's friends are... Will he do something? As he/she takes off a mask that it was wearing.. It was no other than him.

Everyone was happy and started crying asking how and why. Why didn't he come back sooner. Suzaku as zero put his mask down with eyes tearing as everyone was surprised that zero was him. Everyone came and hugged him as he told them that he was living a life as a normal person with C.C no one knew how he looked. The disguise was a success. He would take it off as long as there was no one around but them.

Suzaku asked if he felt how everyone cried on him and how he was held.. He said that he did..

as surprised everyone started to ask how are you alive?! Didn't you die back then? And he answered to all of them..

Thank you for reading this post I hope you all enjoy, Of course comment what you think of it. I will gladly read it.

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