Igneel :-The king of fire dragons !!

By SriyaScarlet2017-04-11 11:02

Everyone is trying their best in reviving a person... you know what ...if you do so ...you would also be cursed like zeref.
Anyways ...we are just imagining stuff ..so its ok ...

Just like zeref revived Natsu and you all are reviving a person, i will too ... but to make it different ... i shall revive a dragon.

The king of the fire dragons and the strongest elemental dragon... the very own igneel is the one i would revive.

The cutest dragon that i ever got acquainted with. He really loves Natsu. As a father, he taught Natsu soo much and made Natsu who he is now. He gave his life while fighting Acnologia and always took the human's side and fought for what is just. He prevented Natsu from turning into a dragon and many other things..(That's why i just love him !!)

Igneel's last words :- To natsu
"I've been watching over you... and my... how you've grown... The days I spent with you were the happiest of my life. You gave me the strength to love another."

seriously i cried a lot when igneel died ...but now it is time to change fate.

After Igneel's death ... Natsu goes in the forest for a year's training to be strong again with happy as his only companion As they travel along they find themselves fallen in a deep pit and they discover a gem..which could be used to revive the dead. So Natsu takes off a scale from his scarf and places it on the gem. But sadly the revival doesn't happen...(it says that it requires enough of igneel's element (fire)) so Natsu sets the gem on flames and after using up almost all his flames, igneel comes back to life !!

He gets all fit and tight and is ready to kick acnologia off !!But they both know they need to get stronger so they train for a whole year together. Well and that's how natsu got his dragon mark.

Igneel is good at tactics and planning. So he would be of huge help in planning a plan to defeat the black wizard,zeref.
And furthermore he has very much knowledge regarding the book E.N.D, zeref's plan and acnologia. He really knows Natsu very well and with him on natsu's side ... im sure natsu would be capable of many amazing things.

Aren't they lovely together?

Igneel would be on fairy tail's side and would face off against the spriggan 12 and the king of Alverz empire,zeref himself. Since Igneel is dragon... facing off humans is not a big deal for him. He would have easily defeated the spriggan 12 and serve as a dragon of protection for all of fiore.
~~~~wouldn't that be great?

He also knows about anna heartfilia ...one of lucy's ancestor who knows a way to defeat acnologia !! So igneel's revival would be of no vain and full of advantages !! Natsu would find yet another reason to be against zeref. Natsu would try 200% more in order to not let Igneel die !! So he would get waaay stronger !!

Further more if it is Igneel ...peace between dragon and humans would be restored... which was once destroyed due to acnologia. Igneel would teach Natsu many more new techniques and spells to defeat zeref and acnologia. Igneel can be used to delay of acnologia or maybe even defeat it.

He would be a trigger to defeat zefer( i said defeat not "kill" cause i still can't help myself in bringing to hate zeref ). He would also be a trigger for killing acnologia, the destroyer of everything (humanity and dragons).

Igneel would prevent all the fiore from being destroyed and keep everyone in fiore happy. Natsu would get his father back and another person(actually a dragon) would be added to nalu shippers.

~~~~ happily ever after ~~~~~
Thanks for reading

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