A kiss shall not be forgotten.

By Funkydunky2017-04-12 11:00

Most of us dream about a kiss that would be under sunset or somewhere you would want it to be, a place that is your favourite or a dreamed one. It doesn't need to be romantic but some people dream of simple and mysterious.

Well I'm going to tell you I never dreamed about kissing because I find it weird and romantic feelings or love is something unrequed. And just because of not needing it I do what I want and don't look at how I look because I know I'm ugly already. I never change nor do I care about what everyone thinks.

In this post I will tell you a few places and you have to choose the one you like the most, If none of them are to your liking then tell me the one you want in the comments. Let's get started them!
-1)White as far as you go

It's freezing and you chiver from it. He/She gives you a blanket to warm you up from the cold as you both haze into the setting sun. It's winter what do you expect it's cold and white as pure angel's hair. Smiling together you look at each other as the wind blows and gets you closer, You lean closer and-
-2)Your love shall be blessed

You both run so you wouldn't be tagged, As you run the long stairs until the very top of he beautiful mountain. At the top sun starts shining and you see a small shrine before you're eyes. This place used to be your favourite because it granted all the wishes, Your eyes start sparkling and you look to Him/Her as you get-
-3)It's our little secret

It's lunchtime and you both go to your place that is in one of the classrooms in the back that are never used for anything. You both tell each other jokes and laugh together, As you smile and turn to Him/Her your eyes meet and you both stare at each other as you get closer and closer and finally reach for a-
-4)Running wasn't so fun before

Trying to go faster then before, Running next to the beautiful ocean and setting sun pits you both at ease.
As you state at it you trip over a rock that came from nowhere, Him/Her starts helping you up and asks of you're okay. You laugh it off making Him/Her laugh too. You both glare at the sunset while sitting and suddenly-
-5)The Almighty tree of love

Legends say that if two people meet under that tree that means one of them confess. Blah don't believe it no matter how many times I hear it, It's just a normal cherry blossom tree like really guys..? As you play with Him/Her you come across the tree. You start laughing and tell the legend as the cherry blossoms start falling and you both look at each other and come closer as some force pushed you and-
That's all I don't want to get into romantic stuff so this will do. Fun fact: I did this when I was bored

Well comment down what you choose or rather have, what you think and other stuff because I love reading all and everything that's what makes my day at least better and more busier. I happily read it so yeah.

Thank you for reading!

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