Hideyoshi Nagachika might still be alive(Wake Of Death In Easter)

By Tommy ErenParker2017-04-17 22:51


Hideyoshi Nagachika is the best friend of our dear MC

KEN KANEKI. The truth be told... I really loved this fella. He was very intuitive and brilliant in different ways. He always had Kaneki's back... In one of the chapters it was mentioned that Hide was the person who came to out to Kaneki to ask to be friends... he was kinda new in town and he realized how lonely and friendless Kaneki was....and asked him to be his friend...of course our friendless Kaneki said YES😁.
Anyway another good side to him is his great intuition and high sense of maturity... I mean how in d world was he able to keep it to himself 4 so long that he knew that Kaneki was a "GHOUL" and NOT a "HUMAN".

LOL!! how ironic!! 😂.
The sadest part... 😢....Is dat HE'S DEAD!! 😥. But of course the death differed in d anime from the way he died in the manga.

Hide died in the anime when he was injured on his way to Kaneki who was in Anteiku (He died in the shop wen it was on fire)...then Kaneki kinda wrapped him up in some kinda cloth and was carrying him (probably) to the nearest hospital... b4 being stopped by the Reaper(Arima) on his way there which made him drop d body... and leaving us clueless with how Hide ended up. If he really died.... Sensei Ishida pls bring him back😟.
HIDE'S DEATH IN THE MANGA!!! ( of course way better)

HIDE'S death in the manga was kinda....WEIRD😅.... YH... just like the picture says....Kaneki did literally "EAT" Hide... This was cause Hide realised how weak Kaneki was WEN he was fighting Arima because he hadn't eaten flesh(TN: in the manga Hide met Kaneki in the sewers fighting Arima... not in the Anteiku shop). So basically he told Kaneki to use him as fuel 4 his engine(..how sad😔) so... dats how he died in the manga... I no I've said this already but...MAN Sensei Ishida we really need dis guy back..

I mean.. COME ON 😬Kaneki is like almost totally useless without this guy.. take a look

In one of the latest Tokyo ghoul:re (manga) arcs...specifically speaking...the one where Kaneki was fighting off Arima to stall 4 Touka and the crew to escape from CCG...Kaneki was already screwed... ALREADY COMPLETELY TATTERED...i mean he had already accepted death feeling he had died 4 a just cause " to protect his friends "...until Hide told him to wake d hell up (of course going on in his mind) and try TO LIVE 4 OTHERS 4 ONCE... AND NOT TO DIE 4 DEM..UR NOT Jesus Christ dude... 😑...SERIOUSLY.

WELL if Hide really did die... it is very possible 4 him to be revived😁. Look at Amon 4 example.

In d manga wen he was fighting Kaneki 4 d FINAL time... he sorta... got brutally killed😐..like... brutally...
But his body was taken to the person who performed the Artificial ghoul surgery on Kaneki..Dr Kanou😈(dis guy is acc a legitimate DEVIL: I won't spoil 4 d non manga readers ...way to demented) Anyway this guy was able to bring back Amon... who now refers to himself as FLOPPY!!

The same thing happened to Seidou Takizawa..

He was pretty much devoured by Noro😠 who later took him to Kanou as well... oh.. and yes Takizawa and Amon did meet in the ghoul holding cells 4 d experiments of Dr Kanou...My point is Takizawa was resurrected...of course after COMPLETELY loosing his SANITY!!!!..TO BECOME THE NEW OWL.

Wait a second...........
- Hide might acc still be alive 😮
YES! 😂
There are rumors of dis new clown member.. I think called No Face..

He was given dis name because no member of the Clowns have ever seen his face... also because he can't really make out words... simply speaks alotta gibberish... d reason behind dis "Gibberish" speaking is because if his spoilt voice box... ( which I believe might have been caused by Kaneki wen he was eating him... Hide I mean.. also there are a lot of scars on his neck which I still believe would have been caused by Kaneki WEN he was eating him).. Btw no one has seen his face... just sides of his neck... just reassuring u guys😁. I believe Hide was simply treated and not turned into a ghoul because if he was...his scars woulda healed..😶.. don't ya think.
The clowns are an organization of mostly Ghoul's dat just simply go around and do stupid things as they pls.... as a group of course.. and dey usually all wear clown masks... but don't underestimate DEM... they are actually quite organized 😉.
TY 4 ur time.. and 4 reading this blog...
Pls leave ur thoughts and d likes in d comment section below... oh... and a like as well as reposts would be deeply appreciated 😁(see wat I did there "likes"..."like"........*sigh*...im not funny😢)
But seriously though😃...THOSE WOULD BE REALLY DEEPLY APPRECIATED... THANK U😀☝👍✌!!!!!
Little Teaser From D Latest Chapter
(Touken shippers will love dis) 😀

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