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By Sempai2017-04-19 16:15

New event and like it!
As I've watched anime,sometimes I've thought that it would be great if I could be on that anime too,but the reality was cruel,but that didn't stop me dreaming about being on one of them.
When I saw the event,I thought it was hard to choose one and still it is,but I found one,and It will be a great adventure for me.
Living in a virtual world when unbelievable things are believable is pretty amazing especially when you fight monsters,when you can find even a lover

Sword Art Online(SAO)a beautiful,cute,lovely and amazing anime which I can never forget.
The plot the characters are amazingly beautiful and unforgettable.
I would to be on the anime because the it's really beautiful the art and background too,there are some places that I would love to visit because of their beauty and because of their nature.
The people are friendly and make it easier to life there which you never want to leave.
There are places that you've never thought but maybe dreamed with amazing art and unbelievable structure.

On the anime I would like to be Kirito's sister and Asuna's best friend and live with them together.I would like to visit every level with with cutest character Yui,we would go and experience every level, see numerous things that we never had,see new creatures and fight with monsters too.I would help in many ways like: fighting with monsters,helping them for the financial things and other things too.

Having a lot of friends is the best thing ever especially when they help and believe you from the bottom of their hearts just like the ones on this anime and I want to be part of them.
Having friends that will help you on hard times even when you're on a bad road, they will always accomplish you and be with you helping you in need well these are my friends the ones which I want to be always with and want to live the rest of my life.

So this was all the adventure which I love it and would like to happen but still is beautiful even if it's a dream.
Hope you enjoyed and like it.

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