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By ImHikari2017-04-20 09:27

Sengoku Otome Momoiro Paradox
I've always thought to myself If I could have an ability, what would it be ? And years ago I came up with the answer. The ability to create worlds and reincarnate In each of them as the protagonist of a story. Definitely far-fetched and God-like ..but hey much more interesting than supersonic speed or shooting laser beams from your eyes. So with that being said I can see the appeal of going to another world/universe and experience things that wouldn't be possible otherwise.
But why Momoiro Paradox you ask ?
Ahem "fake cough" No... It has nothing do with the image above, well yeah maybe 50% has to do with the fact that is a world where there's only women for some unexplained reason. Naturally as the only male counterpart that would make me feel special, and who doesn't like to feel special? Besides I get along much better with girls, I always end up fighting with guys for some reason.
The remaining 50% has to do with Nobunaga. Apparently in this story, Japan's most famous historic figures are represented in the form of women, that share at least some characteristics with the figures they are supposed to represent, but all in all they are their own characters and personas.
So what's so special about this Nobunaga girl That I seem to be so fascinated with ?
I simply can't explain it. It's been 6 years since the release of this anime and yet I can't seem to forget about her. Could it be maybe that I like tomboys? Or perhaps I'm attracted to strong and capable woman? One way or another This fictional character captivated me so much that even to this day she holds an important place in my personal hall of fame for anime characters.
And to conclude. Once I get there I'd be her manservant (I hope that doesn't sound wrong) and with the help of all the history and strategy books I brought with me, we'd be unstoppable in our way to conquer and unify Japan. In the anime she was trying to collect the pieces of a special Crimson armor to demonstrate her superiority and obtain power. I could gather the pieces for her since I know their location, but it wouldn't be fun that way, plus I'd ruin the perfect opportunity for Nobunaga to prove herself and show off. In the anime Hideyoshi got Nobunaga's affection by being charismatic and cheerful all the time. She would brighten her day and soften her heart just by being herself. I think I could do the same, just by being me I could befriend her and become a great aid to her cause. After the conquest is over maybe I'd propose to her or spend the rest of my days in her service.
That's it. Hope it wasn't boring to read all of this. I tried to keep it short for that same reason so a lot of details were omitted. But if you guys want the full version I could .... Oh it's not necessary ? Ok then :-)

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