One night that changed me.

By Funkydunky2017-04-20 11:01

In a planet where everything was the same but with different details that come after some time. Living the same life, Doing the same things, Getting bored and doing everyday basic things.

Because there is nothing else than the anime I had. Since it was already done when I found it I rewatched it so many times. Every time it makes me happy and sad when I'm done with it. The anime was called:

It was freaking awesome! Just waiting for a new season to come out because it needs to be back on track, The ending was a normal one but the anime needs more things that should be done!

Oh excuse me for the love I have for it. Well that was something that looked like out of a movie but at the same time it had something new that others didn't.
Like everyday I go to school and draw something from the episode I saw recently and with the thoughts I get sleepy.. Really sleepy.

After the school is over I get back and do the things that everyday "normal" person does, After that is done I lay down on my bed and start watching anime.. But this time the screen was weird... Maybe just my imagination. Hahaha the more action the more fun- I said and everything got blank. I appeared in a world where everything looked dark.. It had someone standing at the end.. It looked like it was smiling at me, I don't know that person but it doesn't look like a human..?

Everything flashes before my eyes and I appears to a weird room. I looked around and it looks like from the anime I love so much but at the same time I was scared because I had no idea what happened. I looked down and see the maids that serve their mas- "Are you feeling okay Lord Ainz?"Wait a second hold up did they just say his name while looking at me? This is freaking- Looks around and sees cat ears.

A-a-are these real? "Well of course lord Ainz. You should know that. " Y-yeah sorry. "You shouldn't apologize to your servant Lord Ainz. "Got i-it.
I'm afraid but at the same time I'm not.. Is this what it feels being only bones and no meat? This is too crazy my dreams keep getting weirder every time I rewatch it. Well since it's a dream I can go and do some things.. I really want to go and see the village.. Hmm I should transform. As I transform and go to the city, I go to the guild and can't read shit on it... The freaking words looked like random dots that are connected, You know what freaking not trying to read that again. I get back and think of something that I should do.. Wait.. If this is real and I became Lord Ainz? No no no that's not possible like.. WHAAAAT?!

Wait does this m-mean I can freaking see albedo.. But wait she's in love with me now.. No that would be wrong.. But I want to touch those jiggly watermelons.. No I can't do that it's too perverted.. Well I can at least greet her right? I'm just going for it!
As I walk through the hallways I come across a big room doors, I open them and see...

I'm sorry for interrupting your sweet time I should get going. "NO WAIT LORD AINZ ITS NOT HOW IT LOOKS LIKE.. I FOUND IT HERE SO.. I THOUGH I SHOULD JUST GET IT OUT... "I see.. Alright then get it out and.. Hello to you. And I get out because I was freaking out at what I saw and as I got out I hear. "Lord Ainz greeted me.. He greeted me.. HE GREETED ME!!! HELL YEAH BABY HE GREETED ME."As I turn around I see Demiurge coming this way "Oh, Lord Ainz great to see you here, Is there something wrong? Or are you tired because if I can help you get relaxed-"No everything is fine. And as I start walking away Albedo walks out through the door and Demiurge gets confused but guess what? I wasn't there anymore

Now back to the actual thing. I was still confused so I decided to just sit down and think what the heck is going on.. I just gonna.. Gonna.. As I start blanking out and close my eyes I came across the same place where I was... Dark and full of trees, Everything was the same but the person that stood there wasn't there. I somehow got the chills and started running backwards. I looked behind myself and there was nothing more than darkness that is trying to catch up to me I start to run faster and start panicking. It started to rain with small balls of light.. I couldn't feel them.

I ran as far as I could and ran to a cliff, At the bottom there was nothing than darkness.. I tried to open my eyes and wake up.. I couldn't understand if his was a nightmare or a good dream that I wake up from.. I was so scared and my legs couldn't stand up anymore and I was just waiting till the darkness reached me.. It was so close and I really wanted to wake up but couldn't.. The darkness reached me and I opened my eyes.. Finally.. It's good that the darkness didn't reach everything before I woke up.. Heh that scared me it really did.. But I don't understand what is going on.. I can't feel anything.. No emotions.. Nothing.. So this is how it feels right?

The End.
Thank you for reading and I hope you all enjoyed what I wrote in this post. Comment down what you think because I will be happy to read and respond to the comments.

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