Genre Preferences Shouldn't Limit Your Friendship

By moemoeels392017-04-20 15:34

Okay, since my last post of Let's Be Friends got quite popular I thought that I should make another post about friendship~
You can immediately guess the topic I'm going to talk about this time just by looking at the title of this article😙
Humans are picky creatures, who agrees with me?
Just like how some people only eats what they like, humans likes to pick their friends. This always happens, for example in schools. Sorry if this is a bit sensitive, "Some people doesn't want to hang out with otakus because they think that otakus are freaks" or "People tend to group themselves based only on their interests".

I'm not really sure if this happens between otakus, but I thought I should give a few words about this.
Genres preferences shouldn't limit your friendship.

For example, some people tend to hate yaoi/yuri for some reasons, okay. It's okay if you don't like yaoi/yuri, everybody has their own favorites, but that doesn't mean you should hate the otakus who likes them. It goes the other way around. Fujoshis and fudanshis shouldn't hate the people who hates yaoi.

There are some times when I saw posts (not in Anime Sama) like, "I hate these yaoi craps" or "The best anime in 2016 is Yuri!!! on Ice? What a load of bull****, the reason why the anime got so popular was because of the fujoshis and fudanshis". This really gets to me, I mean okay you have your opinions but please don't go around spreading hate. It will definitely create an internet-war. Honestly, if we hate something, do we really need to spread it worldwide?

We should respect each other's preferences, that way we can all be friends^^
"If we have the same genre preference it'll be easier and fun to talk"
That is very true.

I usually think like that but I try to stop, I mean even though person A likes horror but dislikes romance while person B really loves romance they can still be friends. It might be hard at first but you can still be friends if you have the will to.

To be honest I really prefer to talk to people who has the same interest as me, it's easier to talk to them, I can chat with them for hours. But let's not limit our friends to just that.

Me and my best friend in school are otakus, but our favorite genres is like 100% different. She loves psychological and action animes while I personally don't really like them. When she talks about some psychological animes I'll sometimes get lost and just go, "oh.. wow" or "hmm so what happens next?" when I actually didn't understand anything lol, but I still try to listen to her. I love yaoi while it's not her favorite kind of anime, everytime I talk about yaoi she'd make this kind of confused face and changed it into an awkward smile. But we're still friends, we hang out and do other things together often. It's not like the genres of animes you like determines who you'll be friends with anyways. There are other factors that can tighten your friendship.
Well I guess that's it from me, thankyou for taking your time to read this. I used my personal opinions to write this article so I'm sorry if the contents were a bit wrong or sensitive.

Have a great day😊

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