💜💙💛How my world got colourful !!💛💙💜

By SriyaScarlet2017-04-20 18:20

Its not love nor it is my life ...
which made my world colourful ...
just a single, five letter word 'ANIME'
has brought colours to my monochrome world.

The word 'just' must be stricken off from the above sentence... cause ANIME is not just something ...it is my everything !! It has unknowingly made my childhood fun by anime like doraemon, pokemon etc. and now knowingly it has brightened up my life with new new series and amazing storylines by different varieties of anime !!

Anime... It became such an important part of my life that, no wonder ..nowadays all i think of is anime. Thanks to it... my aim has been set up... and that is.. to go to Japan !! WELL Thats not all ...it made me explore waaay more... and by doing so .. i found about manga, japan's culture japanese language and how interesting the anime world is.And so i would like to tell about how i actually came across this anime world.

Its a silly story but bear with it...
As i was scrolling through facebook news feed... i came across a cute pic. It was a graylu fanart. I didn't knew who they were and other sorts of info regarding them ... so i just saved the picture ... and continued scrolling !!

Few days later.. i found these 2 characters yet again.. and this time i couldn't let go of my curiosity... and pasted that image in google and that's how i found about fairy tail.
I watched 1st episode... thought i would give it a try...went ahead....got addicted to it... then the next difficult task was finding dubs.

Until the Grand magic games arc... i could find dubs easily but then.... the trouble of finding dubs arose (little did i know about kissanime website at that time). I wanted to stop watching but my curiosity prevented that ...and i got used to subs.

Then another problem arose ....i saw all the updated episodes ... the story was still incomplete ... curiosity attacked again... i searched wiki for info of further chapters.. Then i found black and white pages with characters drawn ... on further research ...i found about manga !!!

Thats how things started off for me. Then i started watching other anime and started enjoying this life.
3 years ago ... i truly found out what anime meant and i am really happy for it !! and thanks to that .. i am experiencing a new world of people who love anime. I found this amazing app which gathers us... the people who love anime !! Thanks Anime Sama!!

Thanks for reading~

If you have time... do write how you began your anime life and tag me. I would love to read your experiences !!

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