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By PorigonN2017-04-22 13:03

Anime : Mahoutsukai no Yome

It was a normal night, like all others.. but i was feeling something strange.

I was going back home, when it appeared. A portal was right in my front, and i was not afraid of this, but i felt the same strange thing i was feeling before... I don't​ know who, but someone just said:

-"Enter, my child"

After that, anyone would just run, but i... i just entered in the portal, because i had nothing to lost...

It was a place... no... It was another world, a world full of nature, with a lot of creatures flying in the sky, but when i was thinking to go back, the portal vanished.

That's when i heard:

-"Who are you?"

I heard a familiar voice

-"I am..."

He cut me off in the middle of my speech

-"I know who you are. Come with me."

Then i found him. His head was made of bones, but, somehow, It was like part of his body, and not just a helmet. He was wearing a coat, and don't looked dangerous... at all.

-"I'm Elias Ainsworth"

He said, and after that, he said again:

-"I'll take you with me."

I accepted, i had nothing to lost where i was.

-"You know what you are, and why you are here?"

I said no, and asked why i was there:

-"You are a Slay Vega, a human that can create magic energy by itself. You are here because of this. You body created so much energy, so much that you can't handle all by yourself. Then, to stay alive, you created this portal, a portal to another world, to use all the magic energy your body has created over your life."

Then, i asked

-"If i did not open the portal, what would happen with me?"

-"You would be dead. But i think you are feeling weak now, because you used so much of the magic energy in just a few seconds. Think like this : When you put a rock at your hand, it will hold and not fall. But if you put a boulder in your hand, it will break. To be honest, i don't know how you are alive. You used a bomb that was in your feet, and you are alive. A mistery."

He said.

And when i realized, i was at a home. Elias home. There was people staying with him, so my fears where not too big, but i was afraid of what he would do with me.

That was his house, and there was 2 girls in his home. Hatori Chise and Silky. Silky was a maid, and Chise was Elias apprentice.

I felt like a strange, just staying at a friend home. These three looked like family, and i, just a strange. Some time later, i was out of the house, and just wanted to run away, but when i tried, a dog with black fur appeared right in my front.

-"Who are you?"

The dog said, preparing to attack

-"Wait, Ruth, he is part of this house from now on."

When Ruth came to attack me, Elias appeared.

The dog transformed into a person, but after what i witnessed after came to this world, i was not so surprised.

-"What do you mean by part of this house?"

I asked, after things calmed down

-"Oh, i didn't said to you? From now on, i will teach you how to control the magic that your body creates... And i tought Chise would be happy if another human were here."

-"And Silky? She is a human, right?"

I asked, confused

-"Oh, no. Silky is a banshee, even if she have the face of a human, she is not a human."

I just wanted to stay in his house, but i can't say if this was me, or was only a wish that i had a long time ago. A long time before i came to this world, i wished a house where all the people in it were happy, but it never happened. When i saw his house, i felt like my wish had realized, but to another person. But stay in his home would be like invading the dream of another person, just because you wished you had the same dream.

-"You can stay here. It's a little silent here, but after a day or two, it will be normal to you."

Elias said.

I accepted this time, but i was reluctant.

-"I can? It's because... you four look like a family, and If i just... become a part of the house like this, i would feel strange. And you? You would feel the same way, or no?"

I said, but the answer he gave to me, i was not expecting for that.

-"I'm not a human. I'm not a monster. I can't feel the same that you, i can't even imagine how you feel. If you want to ask things like this, ask to anyone, but not me. I can't answer things like that. Just come and stay, i don't care If you just stay and learn."

After that, i just was more... i felt more safe, and i felt i could stay in his house, and by the time, i would be a part of the family, and not just part of the house.

Hi guys, hope you enjoyed reading this, i know it's just a little, but i writed it like just 1 day, the first day.

Do any of you guys are waiting for the adaptation of Mahoutsukai no Yome? I can't wait, really 😲😲

Thanks for reading my post, and have a good day guys!

Bye Bye ~~~~

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