Anime world here i come !!

By SriyaScarlet2017-04-23 15:32

The gloomy earth land
Is no longer where i stay in.
Cause my world is beyond imagination.
I will no longer wait
Its time to enter my dream
Which is indeed to enter into Anime portal !!
Fairy tail i come
Nothing other than you is awesome.
I will jump and fly towards you
And when in trouble, i shall come to rescue.
It was midnight... and i was on my bed
fairy tail thoughts in my mind did spread.
Then suddenly a portal opened up
and made everything around me blowup.
When i opened my eyes everything was unclear
But nothing to worry,Cause i felt fairy tail near,
Slowly the fog faded away
towards fairy tail i saw a way.
Went towards it and reached the guild
where friendship was strongly build.
They welcomed we with a warm hand.
And decided to party really grand.
But interruption had to occur
Enemies decided to make us suffer
But we stood together as one
And defeated them easily and had fun.
We went ahead on adventures together
had soo much fun i can never not forget to remember !!
The fun was waay too much and that i loved
Never wanna go back is what i vowed.
Team Natsu is what i entered
An awesome team !! is what i heard
Yes indeed it was an awesome one
No denying it cause i had too much fun.
Natsu Gray Lucy Erza Happy and me
Did not let the enemies flee
We took care of the quests very well
But meanwhile we also destroyed that place as hell.
Then the master shouted at us
How am i supposed to pay the amount? thus
we were punished again
to clean the guild hall slick and spain.
But then again we went on other adventures
solved many mysteries and blunders
We defeated many villains
And gained money in tons.
Joy and excitement was always in our way.
we won't let that go dismay.
With our magics together as one
No one could break us not even sun !!
Yeah !! my new poem done !! hope you like it ^^
And do write about your anime portal story in your very own way !!
Thanks for reading ~

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