Songs that make me move.

By Funkydunky2017-04-24 01:27

Openings are great and moving, Some of them won't fit our taste but some will. Some make us dance

Make us think

Make us excited

I'm not that kind of person that likes openings with really boring music, It has to be hype so my imagination could run with me and I could dance!

The most thing that they can do is move our heart, It's how our heart reacts to it. If the heart doesn't like it so be it. There are many out there with comparing the endings too. The opening shows a lot of things about the characters, What power or what might happen. Basically there are some openings that got stuck in my head so I had to download them.. It's just unbearable.. So here's my favourite opening of all, I hope you find one you like too! Now then let's start this right away!
There is not much to say to get you interested but I will tell you what I fell like telling.

- Ga-rei zero

Well damn this opening had me sing it everyday... Like the first time I heard it I got hooked on it really easily
Roses are red
Violets are purple
so dance with me until the night is over.
That would just describe how I was back then, It's a gotta try one.

- Urara meichirou

I'm still trying to find the full song but when the opening comes on it gets me hyped and I just get really into, It's the king of opening you would listen if you want to be happier in life. This opening makes me shake my ass.

- Hunter x Hunter (2011)

This is what I use when I imagine badass stuff. This is yet the most hyper opening I've heard.. So far.. It's a opening that let's your mind go wild with the imagination you have, Something for some action.

- Vivid strike!

Something that I play when I'm in a bad mood. It makes my heart feel at least better and I remember the anime that was so awesome from the beginning. It might not be hype but it's a sort it one.

- Saijaku no bahamut

Yeah okay when it goes to the middle part it gets so hype that my imagination definitely runs wild through my mind and outside them. Considering that it's really good music and it's something I would make my funeral music.

- Youjo senki

Shit was getting real there, Comparing the ending and opening the opening wins with it's better flow. It's different from other opening but like it has a great flow makes it better, I got interested it and it became a must to download.

There are many more but I won't take any more of your time so yeah, These are the opening I love. Even if there are many more, Listening to them all won't be a problem. Thank you for reading and here's your prize.

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