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By SriyaScarlet2017-04-25 08:20

"Music is the voice of soul"
Donno if that's true cause i never heard the voice of my soul but i can say this ....
🌟Music has the thing in it ...to change my depressed self
to the happiest one by the time the song ends !!
Well music does have its own way of influencing my heart and softening it. It cheers me up. It kills me even more. It moves me. It brightens me or sadens me depending upon the situation and the music.
If you actually look at the list of songs i have downloaded ... 60-70% are actually anime openings !!
~~~~~~~ So here's my list !! ~~~~~~~~
1) My top anime songs position will always be deserved by sword art online openings and endings !!
-cause they are the best
-cause i could actually relate myself with that situation
-cause lisa is one of my fav Japanese singer
-cause the lyrics are motivating
-cause i sing those songs out loud even if they are in Japanese
-cause their english version is just as awesome as the Japanese one.
-cause i love them !!
List of SAO songs
-Crossing fields
seriously !! there are many from here... so i guess i will make a different post for it ^^…
2) Fairy tail
- Just believe in myself !! This song gets me all fired up and motivated to do anything !!
3) Black bullet
I have listened to this song many times and it never fails to make me say it's lyrics out loud !!
"Although I can't understand the lyrics. My soul does "
4) Unbreakable machine doll
This is one of the cutest songs u have heard and I love it's tuning.
5) Tokyo ghoul
Tell me.Tell me. Who is that inside of me.
6) Romeo x Juliet
When sword meets the shield.....
7) Blue exorcist 2
-opening - itteki no eikyou
Can you forgive and forget your self pride? let it all go ...
8) Aldnoah.zero
-all songs ^^ blah blah blah .....i sing it a lot so it took the place in my list !!
9) Guilty crown
-Euterpe...this song is just way moving !!
10) Yuri on ice
-history maker ! We were born to make history !! Well this song just makes me shout and sing out !!
Thanks for reading ~

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