I Went To Totsuki Culinary Academy?!! Part 1

By moemoeels392017-04-26 01:41

I was just in the middle of watching Shokugeki no Soma when a portal suddenly appeared on my bedroom window..

"Come" I obeyed, I walked closer to the portal. A lot of questions appeared in my head, how did it open? Where does it lead to?

"Think of an anime world you'd like to visit" the portal said. That's a bit hard.. There's like a lot of anime worlds that I wanted to visit. Then I heard the sounds from my laptop, the anime was still playing. I made up my mind almost immediately, let's go to Totsuki~
I went into the portal,trying to imagine shokugeki no soma. When i got tge picture in my brain,a bright light immediately covers my whole body...making me blind

By the time i open my eyes...i am already sitting on some big,kinda comfortable chair

I tried to look around and i am really surprised...it is real...the portal is real...i try to pinch my hand and it hurts..its not a dream...then i hear some loud cheering behind me and a really delicious smell in front of me...now i know what i am doing...i am the judge...the one who taste all the food...'YAASSSS!!!THIS IS THE BEST CASE POSSIBLE' i scream in my heart

Well...maybe because i am too excited..other judges start to look weirdly at me...i should really calm myself...as i observe...it seems like i am in the nakiri alice vs yukihira scene...THE BENTO SCENE!!omgomgomgomg!!!!! I cant calm myself anymore so the other judges look weirdly at me again...well I DONT CARE !!ITS FOOD WE ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!
After waiting for about 15 minutes..nakiri's food is finally served...i kinda hesistated to taste it to be honest...well i dont want to end up naked like all the other judges...so i kinda waited a bit and watch the other judges to try it first..and yes..my eyes are now blinded as i just watched all of the old mans' naked body...gross

Still...looking at the food...it's really well done...the presentation...its truly a beauty...without realising i pick up my chopsticks and put the first sushi in my mouth. ....whoa...its really delicious. The mellow taste...its like all the flavors are combining into one in my mouth...its delicious..but...i dont do the reaction everyone does...there is no reaction... it like i only enjoy the food in front of me normally...

And as i feared... everyone is now looking at me,wondering why i am not reacting to the food...well yeah,i AM relieved that i dont have to be naked or moaning like i have an orgasm...but not having any reaction in this anime is totally weird...so i immediately take another sushi and put it in my mouth and fake my reaction...i try to moan and make an orgasm face,just to remove everyone's gazes.."we-well...this is a truly remarkable dish...the flavour is light...and the ratio of the portions is just right..good job nakiri alice" I said, giving her a smile.
After finishing the food(well its a bento afterall),its finally yukihira's turn. Perfectly the same as the anime, the judges are all surprised and not wanting to be the center of attention again, i fake a gasp. Well..yes..the apperance of his dish is kinda dull compared to alice's.well..without a second thought,i take a bite of the dish and really..the seaweed things are popping in my mouth..tge sensation is new to me..its taste kinda bland though..i dont get why the judges are even reacting to only the seaweed...after yukihira's recomendation to put the soup in the bento,i take another bite and...whoa..its delish..so i fake my reaction again...its tiring to pretend moaning and making some orgasm kinda face actually...but the food is really delicious...

Well as the story goes on and as we all know,yukihira win and nakiri cries...but to mysurprise,he walks to me..well..of course i will be surpised...its not in the storyline afterall.. he is eyeing me suspiciously..making me feel uncomfortable...
"You seemed like you already knew what I was making. Your gasp didn't sound that real." OH SHII-TAKE MUSHROOMS calmdowncalmdowncalmdown...

*this is all I could write for now. hope you guys enjoyed it^^
I'll make a part 2 if you guys are interested~

Sorry for the typos and other errors😶

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