Wandering in ONE PIECE.

By [email protected]2017-04-26 09:56

Ha ha title is funny. Well I'm frustrated because i screwed up in my paper but i thought what the hell why don't i take part in KIDDOS event.

This is my globe. Well if i had choice i want to be enter in OP world and join the Strawhats.
There are some reason why i want to join Strawhats.

1. Want to try devil fruit.

Mera Mera no mi.
I want to try ACE'S power it's so hot. And it's been said that you will lose the ability to swim if you eat devil fruit. Who the hell want to swim if you can use the fire pressure to fly. I can cook any food anywhere, the hottest weather can't be hotter than me, i don't need any fire in cold.

2. Sanji's Cooking.

Although I'm pure vegetarian, but if I'm in OP I'll eat anything if it's been cooked by Sanji. I'm literally watering in my mouth whenever i see him cooking. He is the best chef ( of course I'm not forgetting about YUKIHARA SOMA).

3. ZOROS autograph on T-shirt.

Seriously if you ask my opinion there is no one as badass as Zoro in whole OP World. There are only Two anime characters who i admire most, Zoro is one of them.
If i somehow got stronger the only person i want to fight is Zoro.

4. Adventure.

As adventure is concern i could have been chosen Dragon Ball. But it's too risky because i could die anytime in DB.
But when it comes to OP there are no sudden deaths. And on the contrary a lot of fun. I want to laugh with them,cry with them, want to meet Hancock. I like Robin too much ( But because i love Scarlett i don't even look at Robin from any other point 😂😂)

This is the most important reason why I want to join Strawhats.

My friends are everything for me, point a finger at my friend I'll rip off your arm. That's what OP like. Say one wrong word about nakama and your tongue will be tied up with your nack. Like Luffy i can break any limits for my friends. 😈😈

Well that's all. I wanted to write a poem on it. But due to exams I'm not able to do that so i hope you like what i wrote.
Sayonara minna-san

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