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By Dirackel2017-04-26 17:45

Hey Guys! Im not too active this days on Anime sama, sorry for that it's all because of exams, but it will be over soon and i will finally stay with you as Long as i and you want, Co admins are going to change anime sama to the best with those events
Thanks for the great ideas ( i won't Lie..Im Little jealous for not being one of them..but whatever) I hope you enjoy this post!

What makes me Smile?
What makes me determined?
What makes me Fall in Love?
What makes me Evil?
What makes me Sad?
What makes me Laugh?
What makes me Alive?
Yes it's Music!

Without Anime i Love music Probably all kinds but listening to something I Live for...Anime Music is the best! openings or endings songs they are both awesome in an Anime and to be Honest if it wasn't for the good music i would Just read Mangas.
Music controls my feelings A Lot, it even changes my personality in Just few minutes.

The Anti Homeworks & exams Music:

Attack on titan Ost is the best in this field i Just get fired up by that epic music that makes me want to Fight more and more it's Just awesome! my determination rise Listening to such a piece of art.

Free Walking Music

Tokyo ghoul: unravel & all Tokyo ghoul ost
If you want to go for a walk around the city
To forget your problems, to just fly in your own dimension of the world this song is Highly recommended! I Just can't describe the feels that runs me while Listening to this music, it's somehow makes me free from this world, you really need to try it
If you already didn't.

Waking up Music

SAO: Crossing fields
To start your day with this song is to start a New Life full of Hope, when Im asleep my eyes open wide Listening to this wonderful Music, Sao is a great Anime it will remain in my heart and in my ears forever.

Relaxing Music

There is a Lot of songs that makes me relaxed but the best of them all is Sao ending song: Yume sekai
It makes me feel like everything is over soo healthy to remember Asuna's peaceful face in the ending song.

Workout Music

Attack on titan epic soundtracks makes me Lift the whole word but it's not good to get exited while training we should also use our brains and focus on our bodies capacities to not push them over the Limit
So i prefer to Listen to something powerful and easy in the same time Like Naruto and Fairy Tail soundtracks.

The Song that makes me fall in Love

To Love ru darkness: Ray project
No kidding but this song makes me want to hug someone but i find myself alone soo...i hug myself!

The Music that cheers me up

There's a lot of songs that make the world around me colorful my favorites are
Chuunibyou: inside identity
Plastic memories: to say good-bye

Anyway that's all, thanks for reading! and sorry if my english is bad I will keep giving Likes even if Im not active so once again wait for me!

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