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By Kurami2017-04-27 09:15

Whether it be feelings of sadness, happiness, laughter, nostalgia or many more, listening to anime songs fills my heart with many emotions that reality could much that I can't help but find myself listening to the songs over and over again. Eventually I start singing along to the song and from the other side, it sounds like a bunch of jiberish had just escaped my mouth, but the questioning looks from my friends don't stop me from singing my favourite songs x3. So anyways, here's a list of some of the songs I listen too:
One Piece - Opening 13: One day
Out of all of the amazing songs this anime had, this one stood out the most to me. Not only did this song have beautiful lyrics and visuals, the story behind the song couldn't help but make me cry...T^T
"Every time I look at the sky after the rain
I think of the past when I was only a crybaby
I was frantically going after
someone's back
And saying "I wanna become stronger"
Now there's the "Thank you" the wind faded
Can I really become stronger?
I wonder because it seems there's no answer yet
As I thought,
I have to go even farther"
Story behind the song (At least how I see it....):
Ace, Luffy's brother represents the fading wind. After Ace's death, Luffy continued to search for that wind (Ace's existence) and around the end of the song, finds him. But, the gap between them suggests that there is an invisible wall preventing Luffy from being with Ace. Although Luffy is unable to be with Ace, Ace's appearance is a way of telling Luffy to move on.
Gochuumon wa usagi desu ka?? - Ending: Tokimeki poporon
This song gives off a fluffy feeling every time I watch it that I can't help but smile and dance along as it plays. lolis dancing and singing + a catchy song...what else could I ask for??
Love Live - Aishiteru banzai
I love the sounds of the piano and the moment I heard Maki singing this song, I fell in love with it. Whenever I have homework, need to study for an upcoming test or am just bored, I listen to this song as a form of motivation.
"I love you, hurray!
I'm glad you're here, Our present is right here
I love you, hurray!
This is just the beginning, best regards for tomorrow - this isn't the goal line
I really like you, hurray!
We have the courage not to give up, so let's enjoy the present
I really like you, hurray!
Because you can give it your all, you can wave goodbye to yesterday and, hey, face forward"
When the members of µ's sang this song during the 3rd years graduation I was crying for the whole day...µ's will always be me No. 1...Aquors are alright, but didn't have that great of an impact that µ's did...
Rakudai kishi no eiyuutan - Opening 1: Identity
Similar to aishiteru banzai, I listen to this song as a way to motivate myself. The visuals of this opening   are badass, making me want to rewatch the anime (though that would be bad when in the midst of studying or completing homework...>,<)
Mangaka-san to assistant-san - Ending: Pantsu
As one can tell by the title of the song, Yes, this is a song dedicated to underwear.
"Why can't I reach them when I extend my hand?" Well obviously because before you reach them, you'll be in jail by now xD (though it wouldn't hurt to dream cause I know I do).
Hyouka - Opening 1: Yasashisa no riyuu
When i'm feeling down or really pissed at something, i'll listen to this song to cool off. listening to this song calms me down and makes me smile (idk why, but it just does...)
The other songs I was going to list (but assumed that list was getting boring...):
- Rave master - Opening 1: Butterfly kiss
- No game no life - Ending: Oracion
- Sao - Shirushi and Overfly:
Thanks for reading and hope you find some of these songs to your liking ;D

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