Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

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Have you ever experienced "Chuunibyou" or Eight Grade Syndrome? If you have, then you would definitely know the pain of remembering it. Imagining your own fantasy world, pretending to be a "badass" character, and even chanting some random stuff which you think it's cool. For me, I want to die from it, because of the many times I've been caught doing so. But right now, I guess it turned out to be helpful, because I'm attempting to write stories, alongside with my friend. Anyway,

[I am the God of Nothing and Everything. Listen to me, or face the consequences. To those who won't, may a thousand year curse fall upon you!¡!¡!]

Chuunibyou Time!!!

If I would ever get sucked by a blackhol--- go in an Anime Portal, I would prefer going to the world of chuunibyous and start living a normal life~~

My name is Asato Kazuki, a transfer student from another school. Recently, I realized that having chuunibyou doesn't make you a cool person, but rather a weirdo. Because of this, I have accumulated a shy and quiet personality and my social skills are below than any other loners.

Instead of imagining my fantasies and act them out, I started writing light novels, since I'm decent at drawing. It's like hitting two birds with one stone.

Right now is my first time being with other people I don't know, so I'm a bit nervous. It's now or never. I practiced my greetings to mt new classmates repeatedly to avoid any bad impressions. I don't want to be that lonely weirdo anymore, I want to have some friends for once in my life!

"Now everyone, please quiet down. Today we will have a transfer student. Please be nice to him. You may come in now."

Ahh!! It's here! The teacher called for me. Calm down, Asato, you're just here to make friends and study. Nothing else, nothing personal.

I went inside and faced the entire class. It was very nerve-wracking, but I have to do it. Starting off with a bow, I introduced myself.

"Nice to meet you. Asato Kazuki. I look forward studying with you."


"Is that all, Kazuki-kun? If yes, then please proceed to your seat, which is beside Togashi-kun."

I nodded. I went straight to my chair. I stayed silent, while paying attention to the teacher's lectures.

I've done for reals!! I can't believe I just said those!! I should've made it better! I bet right now, all of them are disgusted by someone like me, who has never had friends!!

I glanced at one of my classmates. One of them made contact with me, a girl, but she immediately looked away... I knew it, everyone thinks I'm s weirdo.

**Girl's Perspective**
The transfer student looks really cool and mature. I wonder what he's doing right now... Waah! I-I think I've fallen in love!!

Hahahah, good bye, my high school days. It's been nice knowing you for a few seconds, but it's not you, it's me... I'm doomed!

~~Club Time~~
I can't.. I can't do this anymore. Just awhile ago, I had lunch by myself. Also, when we had a group activity, I was left alone and was picked out of pity... And... No one ever came and greeted me after wards...

For now, I should go search for a club to attend. I need to at least act like a normal high school student... I asked the teacher for that. Apparently, every decent club have full members and some useless clubs are left. I rashly picked the "Far Eastern Magic Nap Society", because it had a cool name. For an ex-chuuni, this name is very attractive.

I haven't been at the front door, but I could already hear loud noises inside the room. When I was near the door, a student went rolling out the door. The guy that went rolling was Yuuta Togashi? Cross-dress, or real deal...

"Hey, what did you do that for? I was just finding a ring that fell here and accidentally saw that. Why are you even hiding that here in the first place?"

A girl came out next and lifted Togashi-kun, holding his collar. She was Shinka Nibutani...

"Then why the hell were you wearing it?! Are you a pervert or something?"

To save fellow Togashi, I started speaking. I think they haven't noticed me.

"Excuse me..."


"Aah, it's Kazuki-kun. What brings you hear?"

"Actually, I want to join your 'club'."

"Eeh, really? Come on in."

"Waah~ It's been a really rough day today..."

Who knew that we would be neighbors? Well, I guess I should be happy that I found new friends, despite starting today. Luckily... I wasn't the only one.

People who are trying to move on with their chuuni pasts and people that still have chuuni... This is such a small world... Tomorrow, I guess I can properly talk to them next time. Although nerve-wracking, this is part of moving on from my own chuuni past.

Little did I know, the future that will come will trigger my inner chuuni... But who cares, at least I'm not the only one.


If you enjoyed this story and want me to continue, then I'll be happy to continue this fan fiction. I also enjoyed writing this, but I don't have time to make this longer. Don't worry, I love to accept your ideas if you want. Have A Good Day!!!

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