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By Crichii2017-04-29 08:35

It's said that that music can save you when you feel down and sad, it can help you at going through bad times and feel better. But the truth is that I always forget listening to it when I'm sad. I prefer hiding myself in my bed, closing my eyes and being sad alone. Am I stupid? Oh yes I am, but that's what I feel like doing. "I'm not in the mood for it", I say to myself.

Anyway, when I'm not at that level I listen to it. I listen to calm and quiet music, not noisy, not energetic. For example...

❤Nagi no Asukara soundtrack

Especially "Cry for the moon", "A mother's hand", "Nukumi yuki" (Saltflake snow), "Densetsu" (Legend)

or AMVs with a soft tone, with a comforting feeling. As if they knew what you're going through, what you think, what you're feeling like...or at least that's what I get from these songs:

Safe and Sound


No need to say goodbye

When I'm happy instead, really happy I mean, I think the world it's full of shining colors, I feel full of hope and so I listen to love songs or, at least, that kind of happy and lovely music. I listen to anime openings and endings of course, but I don't usually listen to anime music when I'm that happy. Why? I don't know. So I listen to international singers and band or AMV videos with those songs. For example...

Stay Stay Stay MMV mep




Everything falls


You've gotta get up and Try



Seriously, what would be of me without these videos... nothing. I have so many of these videos saved that I could go on endlessly x'D
Actually, these songs really make me in a good mood even when I'm not in a bad nor good mood. They feels so magical...Maybe I'm exaggerating, but I don't get how people can create something this's amazing..**

Anyway, there is a MEPs Studio too that I like listening to, particularly, called:

❤ VisibleDesireStudio

Gosh, I love their songs so much!! <.< not all of them of course, but I do. That's how I find out about new songs too.

Then there are times when I need calm and cute songs as "background" of whatever I do, to just keep me company I mean. And so I start looking for Ghibli songs, like...

❤Studio Ghibli Music Collection

They're just the best u.u 👌 Delicate, sweet, simple... I love them.
But I love Disney too, its movies and songs. And someday some genius decided to unite anime and Disney. Hetalia, to be precise. Ah..what a beautiful day it was..*ç*
Sometimes I rewatch Disney movies or just bump into one of those songs, for example...

❤Hetalia Multilanguage playlist

These videos are made mixing many different languages, so it's quite interesting. I don't get bored, because those are the songs I hear from when I was a child and I have beautiful images to watch too. So...give me those songs and I won't move from my chair for a while.

This is the music I love listening to. Maybe it's not the best quality music, but it is for me.
Thanks for reading! ^^

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