Otabek x Yurio FANFICTION

By Natsumeyuu2017-05-01 09:32

I just wrote a short fanfiction for myself because they have just a few doujins and it's mostly shounen ai but I need more, I mean I want to read more. lol Just wanna share this and this is just me assuming things. And I'm amateur in this kind of writing. Sorry 😅
I made it that Otabek and Yuri are already lovers here^ ^
After Yuri's exhibition 'Welcome to the Madness', the usual stoic guy that was standing outside the ice skating rink looked very troubled. The music stopped and the cheering become loud but Yuri pay no heed to it and immediately look for the person that has been on his mind the whole time while skating. The exhibition program was very special to Yuri, he choreographed it himself and made his special person chose a song for it. "Otabek!" he called out and come running for a hug. And this made the crowd go wild. As though oblivious to their surroundings, Yuri tightened his hug more and they silently stay like that for a moment. Meanwhile, Otabek feeling awkward, he pulled away from the hug and grabbed Yuri's hand and took him away. "Otabek? W-wait.." Yuri was confused to Otabek's behaviour but still let him dragged him around. "W-where are we going? H-hey!" Otabek didn't reply and just walking forward with a serious face. "O-otabek?" When they reached an area where no one seem to go to, Otabek stopped walking. "What's the matter?" worriedly asked Yuri. "Can I kiss you?" the question made Yuri blush and his face become more red when the man he likes directly look him in the eye with a serious face. Yuri tugged the shirt of his man and initiated the kiss. Otabek responded gently and put his hands on his lover's face. The adrenaline hasn't left Yuri yet from his performance and it made him grabbed Otabek's neck to deepen more the kisses. They parted their lips when they both gasped for air, faces still an inch close to each other and eyes staring intently with their burning desire. Otabek then grabbed both hands of the alluring blond in front of him and place it above his head, he then continued the heated kisses while his left hand wandered under Yuri's clothes.
Ehem. Can't write the continuation so I'll just left it in my imagination. XD
Thanks for reading~

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