I Want To Know You Guys Better!!! (My Genres)

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Hello guys!! I haven't posted for awhile, because I've been busy with life, which I hate, because I want to spend more time with you! Anyway, I said before that I can't post, till next next week, but since the deadline's on May 7, I'll make this an exception.

Genres are elements found in a media to easily let others know and to make them more interested. Who among you checks the tags first, before you watch/read the thang? I do, and it's the most critical factor too! For example, I love this genre and saw it in a manga, then I'll be interested watching it. Besides from the cover picture and description, genres are factors that attract readers/watchers.

To make things short, I'll be giving four genres I love and two genres I hate. Also three genres I surprisingly don't dislike. Maybe another one to make it 10?¿?¿ Probably yeah.

~~3 Genres I Love~~

1. Harem

> Of course, this one has to be no. 1. Well, I would be lying if I said I love all anime with harem, because there's a lot of harems out there. Did anyone notice that most anime/manga have ecchi-harems? I don't know why, but it's quite tiresome to just see the main character with girls with big oppais and cute pantsus.

Anime With Harem I Heart:
Trinity Seven~

"Arata-kun!!!!" ~ Lilith-sensei

Manga With Harem I Heart:
Nisekoi (False Love)~

"I love you, Raku." ~ *Spoiler Alert*

2. Drama

> I cry, I die... Come on! So why do I want to read/watch drama thangs, if you're going to regret it anyway? Well, that's the point of drama... I mean, Angel Beats!, Anohana, Plastic Memories!! Damn it, it's hard to explain with words, but I hope you guys understand what I'm saying right now...

Anime With Drama I Heart:
Kimi no Nawa (Your Name)~

"Ok. I remember.... Who are you?" ~ Taki Tachibana

Manga With Drama I Heart:
Koe no Katachi (Silent Voice)~

"I Wuv Moo!" ~ Shōko Nishimiya

3. Comedy

> Last but not the least, I would never forget this genre. After watching/reading drama thangs, I go straight on reading comedy anime or watching comedy manga. At the end of the day, it wouldn't be complete if I haven't filled my laughter can~~

Anime With Comedy I Heart:
KonoSuba~ (Too Long To Write)

"Yes, I'm Kazuma." ~ Satou Kazuma

Manga With Comedy I Heart:
Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge (Tanaka-kun is Always Listless)~

"... Oo Oo Ah Ah" ~ Tanaka

4. Fantasy
> I like its another world appeal and the many gaming elements, which are oozing for the mind. I don't know what I'm saying right now, but I think it's politically correct. Anyway, I love fantasy, as long as it isn't pure plot. At least some few comedy scene or ecchi or something not boring. Am I the only one feeling bored with pure fantasy thangs?

Anime With Fantasy I Heart:
No Game No Life~ (Sorry, but NGNL tops SAO)

"Nii....." ~ Shiro

Manga With Fantasy I Heart:
Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (Regarding Reincarnated To Slime)~

"It's delicious, goblins." ~ Rimuru

~~3 Genres I Hate~~
1. Shoujo

> Maybe it's because I'm a boy, maybe not. Who knows? But the thing is, I hate thangs with shoujo genre. Well, maybe it's because of its art style. I don't hate all shoujo, but shoujo I hate.

Good Example of Shoujo (That I Hate):
Aoi Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride)~

Can anyone see the appeal? I mean, the art is its selling point, but... just but.

2. Historical

> I don't know much about historical thangs, that's because I don't watch/read them. If I did, I would've been dead by now.

Good Example of Historical (That I Hate):

If you know this thang, then congrats. You know your history.

~~Three Genres I Surprisingly Don't Dislike~~
*Just to make it clear, "don't dislike" means that I'm fine with it.*

1. Yaoi
> I'm actually fine with yaoi, but I don't watch it. To be blunt, I'm not homophobic. Seeing two boys love each other is something I shouldn't judge. So, yeah.

2. Gender Bender
> I've started to watch some gender bender manga out there, because it's so cute. I like how this someone would cross dress to help his/her love one from his/her problems.

3. Horror
> I didn't expect to put this, but honestly, I'm not good with horror genre. I can read/watch some horror, without being creeped out for some, but I can't stand some scenes which are really disturbing (for me). Also, since it's horror we're talking about, boo!!!

Well, that's all the genres I can share... Ohh, right. I almost forgot. Before I end this, I'll just add another genre to make it 10.

~~Extra Genre~~
Slice of Life
> This is the genre that I will make me watch/read it in a whim. Those anime like Toradora or Lucky star, or K-On, they're some of the anime (and manga) that makes me really happy, since I can relate and laugh so much from it.

So how was the post? I hope you guys enjoyed it~ If you want me to post stuff like this, let me know. Btw, I'm in a good mood right now, because one of our projects will be moved next week. I enjoyed writing this, because I can tell you people what my likes and dislikes are. Anyway, Good morning and Have a nice day~~

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