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By SriyaScarlet2017-05-02 11:35

Do you know what a normal 16 year old teenage girl dreams about ?
If you ask me ...I would quickly answer anime!!
And if you ask me which genre i love ?
ITS OBVIOUSLY THE GENRE WHICH FILLS UP MY DESIRE TO FALL IN LOVE . A fairy tale love story. With cute romances and other feels of being in love .My all time favourite genre -
💓 💗SHOUJO 💗 💓

Shoujo is aimed at a teenage female readership. The name means literally "young woman" or "girl". Shoujo genre covers many subjects in a variety of narrative styles, from historical drama to science fiction, often with a focus on romantic relationships or emotions.

Me being a fan of emotional stuff and romance etc. bore a huuuuuge liking for shoujo romance anime (mostly manga cause they have all the details required).The real me literally fantasizes all day about shoujo stuff !! well thats how much shoujo has influenced me.Shoujo genre is the one i love. I find it cute, romantic, funny, relatable, and inspiring. It moves me soo much !!

Shoujo manga are the best
They cause throbbing in my chest
Every cute moment stabs my heart
Making nosebleeds a routine part.

Every a kiss scene takes place
My heart beats fast like a race
Making me wish i was there
To be under my prince's care.

Seeing all those hot guys in there
Makes me want to keep on stare
Seeing how the love progresses
and how the girls wear cute dresses
I fill my mind with cute romances
imagining myself to be in their places.

Every time i read a shoujo manga ....i imagine those stuff with my crush ~ and i also use shoujo manga as my guide ^^ cause i want my romantic life to be just as cute as it is in the manga.(its ok to desire the unreal after all)

💕💕Reasons as to why i love shoujo Genre💕💕
-cause I'm a fan of love and this genre satisfies it all
-cause the plots are amazing
-cause i just cant help but be amazed by new ways of making someone love you.
-cause the guys are seriously hot and cute too
-cause it helps me in progressing my love story even if is only by few bits.
-cause the stories are darn cute.
-many more

If you asked how many shoujo manga i read ..... i would say 75% all .... cause i read almost every famous shoujo manga and I'm reading new ones too.Well that's how much i love that genre .....

There are other genre that i like too but if i talk about them ... the post would keep going on......

So on a short note ~
😻😻😻😻 Other genre which i love are:-😻😻😻😻
adventure comedy shounen drama romance fantasy etc.

Thanks for reading~
Comment down your fav genre list !!

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