Sweet and so hurtful.

By Funkydunky2017-05-02 11:53

Yuri is something not for crazy horrible things, It's mostly for the cute cuddling and the "Forbidden" love. Sometimes it can be hurtful because of loving the same gender is weird, What's weirder for the society is that the both parties are girls. Of course love can wander to the opposite side hurting the second party and leave it in depression and sadness.

It can easily become dark because when it comes to the thing called "Suicide" it can be caused by heart break and not wanting to live without the first party. It comes down to where everything can become unfamiliar around the second party and with that it makes it look like a dream.

But then sometimes everything goes back to normal and both parties start to keep meeting again and love each other, Talking about loving each other it goes down a lot.. Basically hentai is more hardcore compared to normal ones. But no matter what they both are similar because it uses two girls, Well not only two...

Well compared to what yuru yuri has to offer the Yuri level is softcore till the end.. No action.. Disappointment.. Huge disappointment.. Something atleast with some cuddling scene where they kiss maybe?! ATLEAST ONE?! DON'T TORTURE ME! Wait there was a kiss but between friends that felt nothing for each other.. Another huge disappointment.. Well atleast the fan service gave a kiss.. Well my heart got to feel good for a sec so it's fine I guess...

There are not many Yuri anime created compared to Yaoi but then talking about manga there are many of them but if you read most of them it's like harvesting an empty field. Actually fun fact: Because of Yuri I don't know my sexuality. It made confused but yeah I like it more than Yaoi. It might look weird to some people that a girl likes Yuri. Society would be just vomiting everywhere probably. No wonder I'm anti-social. Well that's all about my favourite genre! Hope you had understood what I meant.

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